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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world, and Alisonn’s “Soul Writings.”

The Veils Between The Worlds

Blog: The Veils Between The Worlds

By Jach

A Grouping of Questions with Jach’s Replies from the Online Conferences

The Veils Between The Worlds

Over the course of several years, OnLine Conference participants have asked about the Veils between the Worlds, those veils between us and other realms — including Oneness. In magic as diverse as programming for greater happiness, to having impact on global problems, to escaping the Dark Wood, parting the Veils opens us to new power, more profound magic, and more self-love.

Q: Hi, Jach. I was wondering if you would talk a bit about the veils that separate us from Oneness, especially how to discover which veil is ours — where do we look? How do we begin? All the talk in the Forum has me very intrigued! [s].


Well, the veils … I find this fascinating, and I am going to digress a bit as I answer.

There are certain veils that stand between us and the world beyond. I borrow that from Lazaris’ title for last December’s Weekend here in Orlando. The ‘Veils between Worlds’ … that’s how Lazaris put it. I think those veils are between us and so many worlds that could be ours. They are between our world and the world of oneness, as you ask. But they are also between our private worlds and the worlds of those we love and of those with whom we interact every day.

We are all aware of how projection works: If I project an image onto another, it becomes a veil obscuring who they really are. We know the workings of projection very well. But the veils are different. More insidious, perhaps, but they are definitely there and powerfully impactful. So Lazaris taught us how to lift them. The first step was to identify them.[g]

1. Veil of Mattering … We cannot see, or we deny ourselves knowing, what really matters to us in life.

2. Veil of Magics … We do not allow ourselves the full workings of the magic we know, and we do not allow ourselves to learn the new magics or to receive their bounty, even if we don’t know them.

3. Veil of Choice … We refuse to be more conscious of our choices; we refuse to allow our choices to be mysterious, mystical, and thus magical and miraculous.

4. Veil of Perspective … We don’t develop this tool; we don’t use it. Remember, it involves inspection, circumspection, expectation, and respect. Well, we may use these ideas, but we don’t pull them together to create perspective, and thus we are veiled.

5. Veil of Majesty & Magnificence … This is a common one for many of us who have worked with Lazaris and now are mapmakers. It is a veil that everyone will eventually confront or encounter. We are veiled by it. We ‘will not see it’ in ourselves.

6. Veil of Alliances, which is an interesting one to me. [g] … When we refuse or are reluctant to receive help, to let others ‘do for us.’ This can be a debilitating veil.

7. Veil of Admission … That is the veil that ‘prevents us’ from admitting … who we are … that we are happy … that we have met our needs … that we are loved … that our past does not matter anymore … any number of things that we will not admit come with this veil.

These veils keep us in our world and stand between our world and the worlds … the universes, I suppose … that are beyond. They stand as veils between people who want to share their individual worlds with each other but just cannot seem to be able to do that. I think these veils are all around us and separate us from so much in life that could be ours. Ubiquitous perhaps, but they dull our magic and imprison us in ways that our previous prisons (rage, shame, pain, judgment, sorrow, narcissism, humiliation) never could.

I don’t mean to sound limiting when I say this. And I am not being so since the freedom is so available.

So anyway, how do you know? Well, I go down the list and eliminate the ones that don’t seem to be issues in my life.

The veil of choice, for example, is not a veil between my world and other worlds or between my world and the world of oneness. [g] After I eliminate the obvious non-veils, then I go for a meditative walk with my Higher Self. We talk. I think about it a great deal, knowing that there is not a time limit and there are no point deductions for not answering right away. [g] I feel a lot. I try each of the remaining veils on. I go through them and see what I find. Between thinking and feeling, revealing comes. Intelligence, as Lazaris talks of it, is the combination of thinking and feeling and of the revelation that emerges from them. So I use my intelligence, as defined here, to discover the veil. And I dream. Between all this … I find the veil that stands between.

Now, a quick digression … This first phase of 1999 is about Gathering Sources and Resources. Well, between the ‘First Step’ that Lazaris talked about during the culminating weekend in November and these particular veils, we have 14 potential sources and resources from which to gather energy and force; from which to find more of what we need to work our magic and to consciously create our reality including our dreams and visions; and with which to work our destiny and all that comes with that.

As Lazaris said in November, those old sources of pain … we can return to them and they can be resources (going back to the source — re+source) that can lead us to the new magic. Out of our apprehensions and inhibitions, out of our faulty momentum, or out of our fear of secrets and the places they hide, we can find renewed energy and the stuff we need to create the new magic. Out of the bridges of the basics or out of our lack of empowerment, we can gather what we lost and become more.

And by maturing our egos and awakening our genius, we can become new magicians. These are all places that stopped us; now they can be places to restore and refuel us, to ‘get going’ in ways we cannot yet imagine. So these can be sources and resources for this first phase of 1999.

So, too, with the veils. As we face and deal with them, we do more than lift a veil. We come to understand ourselves. We come to know ourselves.

Q: How do we get in touch with majesty?


This is the way I work with it … I think of the workshop Lazaris did about and around the New Magic. In that, we gather the energies that we need for healing. We gather the energy of what is missing. And then we gather the energy necessary to face our majesty. In that magical working, we open three portals and step up to or beyond the thresholds and allow ourselves to be filled with the energies we need of healing, missing, and facing.

We don’t need to label those energies … we don’t need to give them names. We just need to open the portal … we just need to create the opportunity and then to gather what we need without defining or knowing what it is. Then, remember what we do? We give these energies over to the Elements. Then we ‘avert our eyes’ to allow the ‘commerce of magic.’ Once the Elements have worked their magic, we receive this mantle of magic … this protection and power … and work our magic.

Okay. In this, to touch our majesty … I know that I need healing energy and I need to find something that has been missing from me. I also know that I need the energy of that very majesty, if I am going to face it. [s] So I open these three gates: I visualize a gateway and step upon or beyond its threshold. I breathe in the energy of healing. I just breathe deep and then deeper and deeper still until I sense that I have what I am looking for.

Then I move on in the meditation to a second gateway and open it. I repeat the breathing activity, only this time to collect the energy of something I need … something that is missing or that I have lost. I move on. At the third port or opening, I use movement magic (my preference) and gather up the very majesty that I want to touch. I know that I am not touching it. Rather, I am gathering the stuff that I need in order to touch it. Full now. . breathing, breathing, moving … I give all that I have gathered to either Earth (my personal element) or Fire (my esoteric element) and I turn away to let the gnomes and salamanders do their thing.[g]

They give me a cloak that I consider the mantle of my magic. They give me a veil, which I consider the Veil of Majesty. I stand before it. And I gather a bit of courage and either lift or walk through the veil. I allow the touch. With or without conscious sensation, I allow the touch with majesty … with the majestic in me. Even if there is no conscious sensation at the moment, within the next few hours or no more than within the next few days, I sense it … the sensation is very conscious.

This is my approach. As I write of it and mention the mantle of magic, I also consider that the process of working Global Magic would be another way to touch that majesty. That particular process is neatly described on a recording of the same name. You probably have it already. [s] Within the Grace of Mystery you can move beyond the ‘little story’ of ego and self. You can open to the bigger story of your great work and to your participation in the Great Work. In that, you can be touched by your personal greatness. That touch has a lot to do with the majestic within you. [s]

And perhaps I should stop there. Thanks. [s]

Q. Hi, Jach! Would you share how you work with lifting the Veils between the Worlds, particularly the veils of majesty and perception? Thanks so much!


The way I work with any of the veils between worlds is this: First, I visualize a field of veils … for me, it’s seeing a field with sheets flapping in the wind. It’s beautiful … I make it beautiful and feel that it is beautiful. I do this because for me, the reason we have those veils and the reason we get tangled up in them is because some part of us thinks we need those veils or thinks that those veils offer protection or something else. The veils between the world I have and the world I could have … some part of me thinks the veils are beautiful. So I see them as such as I begin working with moving through them.

Second, I visualize moving into this field of veils. I walk among them and around them and then I get tangled up in them. Again, these first two steps are statements of the status quo. In this symbolic way, I am emulating what happens in my life. Once tangled in the yet-unnamed veils, I then cut my way through them.

As a magician, I have a sword. I cut through this veil and that one. It is easy. It is elegant. I don’t let it be a struggle; that would be a lousy message to my subconscious.

It is easy to get tangled in them; it is easier to cut through and be free of them. Once free of these ambiguous veils, I feel a sense of celebration and a subtle sense of triumph.

The triumph is subtle because that is more accurate. I mean, cutting through a bunch of bed sheets in a field is not a huge triumph, now is it? [g] Subtle? Yes.

That done, I now ask to see the veil that is specifically in my way or that is particularly encumbering. That is the fifth step, I suppose.

When that veil re-appears, I then examine it and ask for healing or forgiveness; I ask for what feels appropriate with that particular veil.

Finally, I use my magician’s tools to cut through that veil. Where I used the sword before, I may use it again. But I may find that for this specific veil, the staff or the shield may be more appropriate. This final cutting is very conscious and a willed choice and action. Out of this, I ask my Higher Self to ‘make it so.’ That is, I ask my Higher Self to bring whatever it is I need or that I can use to follow through and move beyond this veil.

The veil of majesty is one that I have worked with reluctantly. I have been more willing and eager to bust through the other veils … the veils of mattering, of choice, of magic, of perception, of alliances, and of admission … than I have been willing to deal with that veil of majesty.

(Notice how artfully I got the list of the seven veils in there. [wink])

Even so, that is how I work with the veils and would work with them during this month. And your question has given me an answer to my afternoon query.

I can cut through my veil of majesty. And on the other side of that veil, I can release the resonance of the majestic into the world. As I think of the majestic, I keep coming back to Lazaris’ words about how we as a human race among all the human races … we love with a fierce majesty and a tenacious magnificence.

So I think of our love as something that is majestic … it is fiercely majestic. [s]

Q: Hi, Jach. There seems to be an endless number of issues all over the world these days, from animal abuse, environmental abuse, wars, abject poverty and suffering, nuclear weapon proliferation, political corruption, etc., etc. — and I’m having a hard time staying out of overwhelm and despair. Any suggestions?


Suggestions … Well, you know, the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘perspective.’ Now, you have keen perception and a solid perspective, I am sure, but … I think it would be helpful for you to work with the Veil of Perspective … it’s one of the veils between worlds.

What I mean is this: If you look at your list of issues, from animal abuse to political corruption, is there a time in this world where this list would be obsolete? Look at the entire last century, for example: the endless number of issues have always been there and probably, to one degree or another, will always be there. Perhaps it would be more helpful to say that you are more conscious of this endless list of issues and that you are a whole lot more caring about them now than you ever were. In fact, maybe it would be fair to say that you are becoming so conscious and that you care so much that you find yourself slipping into despair. Then you could say more clearly that it is difficult for you to care this much and to be this conscious, and you are finding a way of numbing the caring and reducing the level of consciousness. It’s called feeling overwhelmed and filled with despair. These may be techniques of denial or avoidance; they may be techniques of discounting and distracting. Hmmm … Could you be feeling afraid of caring so much? Could you be feeling afraid of being so conscious?

Now, if any of this makes sense to you, then you can work on owning your depth of caring and making peace with that depth. You could work on facing your fears of caring and your fears of being "so bloody conscious" all the time. You could place despair at the end of the Narrows and make your way through the Narrows to enter your despair. Consciously entering despair and going into its interior … you can find sorrow, you can find compassion, and strangely, you can find your soul and spirit, and they can bring you joy. Weird, huh? But it’s true. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s a possibility. And if you let your Higher Self guide you into that maelstrom, it is more likely that you will find the sorrow, compassion, and the joy. Then you can step beyond your despair … out the other side … and bring the compassion and joy with you.

This is sort of a combination of working with the Narrows and working with the Dark Wood. Lazaris talks about belonging and about how important it is to enter, and to fight to move beyond, the Dark Wood. The reason, he points out, is that in the Dark Wood we can find our sorrow and we can find despair. And we need ingredients from both. We need compassion … the caring born of sorrow. And we need soulful (soul-filled) joy. There are other places to get these that’s true. But both compassion and joy can be found in sorrow and despair. And since you are close to despair at times, you might as well stop in and pick up some extra compassion and joy. [vbg] So perhaps the answer comes with a shift in perspective: work on the global issues, sure, but also working on these particular p
rsonal issues might prove fruitful and valuable, too. Those are my suggestions. [s]

Q: Can you talk about processing success and happiness?


As I read your question, the immediate thought is about a question asked before: ‘Can we tolerate being loved?’ Can we tolerate being so completely and so totally loved? It is hard. For many of us, it ties into our fears around the Veil of Admission. We are taught not to acknowledge the good stuff. And among the traditional old fears of happiness we learn and are conditioned not to be happy, and if we are, then we shouldn’t be too happy. We have fears of vulnerability and of other people’s jealousy and envy. Hey, we have seen the dirty work of our own jealousy, right? Okay, I have seen the dirty work of my jealousy during my growing up years. Yeah, I have also seen the dirty work of my jealousy in my grown-up and even adult years. When I get jealous or envious, it can be pretty ugly. It’s a good thing I can recognize, acknowledge, forgive, and then change to release and heal my jealousy and envy when it STILL shows up. So anyway, I know how ugly my jealousy/envy can be, so I can imagine how ugly other people’s are, right?

Also, there are our fears of our own negative ego or what our negative egos can do with the good stuff in our lives. And finally, there is the fear of responsibility.

These voices, often silent sentinels, compose the Veil of Admission. And that veil can entangle us in lots of ways. We can stumble and make real fools of ourselves. … I just got booted off as I was about to say that we can even humiliate ourselves as we get tangled in that veil. [s] I will have to take a look at that … later. [vbg]

Anyway, I write about that damned Veil of Admission because it can be so tricky on a day-in, day-out basis. And it is a veil between worlds … a veil between the reality we have and the reality we could be having right now. But it is also where I often begin when I process my success and my happiness. I start with recognizing my success or a particular happiness. And in order to recognize it, I talk to myself and let myself feel and think about what I am saying to myself. While I do that, I keep an eye on my fears of vulnerability, and I pursue my fantasy. Yes. It is a dark fantasy, but I pursue it: I am afraid of being vulnerable here. I am reluctant to admit this happiness. What is the fear? Beyond the label of vulnerability, what is the fear fantasy? I pursue it and play it out in my mind/heart.

As I speak to myself of my happiness, I look to my fears of other people’s jealousy and envy, and again, I don’t just label it. I may begin with a label, but then I dive into it and see the fantasy that fleshes out that fear. I do the same if I find myself shrinking because of my negative ego, or because I think something will be demanded of me. As I play out the fantasy, many of the fears dissipate right then and there. There is magic in the telling, and in this case the magic is that speaking a fear, seeing its fantasy, allows it to evaporate.

You know, silence is what keeps our shame in place. Well, I have found that silence also keeps our negative fantasies in place. I don’t think silence works that way for positive fantasies, but it sure seems to work that way for the negative and the unreal ones.

So I work my way through that Veil of Admission, and on the other side of it I can admit my happiness and my success. More than paying or giving lip-service to them, I can genuinely admit them. I can own them. I can receive them. Like that gift that life is, I can receive the success and happiness as a gift, when I can move myself through and beyond that Veil of Admission. I think that veil is that important. I think about what Lazaris has said about creating uncompromising happiness and uncompromising success … what he has said about creating unprecedented happiness and unprecedented success: It begins with admission. It begins with admitting that we are happier than we have been and not as happy as we will be; it begins with admitting that we are more successful than we have been and not yet as successful as we will be. Admission is powerful, and it is powerful in processing our success and our happiness.

On the other side of that veil, for me it becomes about receiving. And to do that, I bring in the stuff of my bounty. Bounty is a powerful voice that composes abundance. It is also a powerful component of processing. I open to my significance and dignity. I open to my freedom, presence, and grace. And then I embrace my responsibility. And I conclude with reminding myself (opening my mind to the truth) that I am enough. I am enough. And in that ‘enoughness,’ I can accept the success and the happiness.

All my life I have struggled with believing that I was loved or worth loving. I know most of us have that same struggle. We learn to circumvent its environment, and we learn to cross its terrain. It was once a battlefield for all of us, and it has changed to varying degrees for us depending upon how we have changed. Even so, it’s not a walk in the park. We still deal with the shadows and ghosts of whether we are loved enough or good enough or if we are just enough.

Through the years with Peny and Michaell, I knew that I was loved and that I was enough … I genuinely did. And yet I still battled it. I still wondered and often felt that I wasn’t. I feared that I would do something to lose that love, or that they would discover something about me or in me and that love would evaporate or whatever. The fantasies of loss and of separation … ghosts as they may have been… were ghosts that I feared were still alive and active. But now, after working as much as I have with all this processing of happiness and success, I have come to a different dimension of being enough. Sure, the ghosts that threaten to take love away are still there and they still scare me, but I know at a new or different level: I am loved. I know it in a different dimension: I am enough. I still stumble and fumble. I get scared, and when I am scared I get angry and snappy and attempt to get controlling (I am not very good at it, but I try damned hard). But I catch myself sooner, and I understand myself more. I forgive myself more quickly and the forgiveness has more substance because it’s about love and it’s about being enough rather than some other fancy mumbo-jumbo that isn’t really true (but sounds good [s])

Anyway, I am better at it all. I know that I am loved, and I know that I am enough. I don’t have to earn it. It’s not about what I deserve. It’s not a reward of the hard work. It just is. I am enough. No one gave that to me. God/Goddess/All That Is gave that to me for no reason at all. For no (blankety-blank) reason at all … It would have been easier if there had been a reason (my ego tells me) … but there is no reason. And I have finally come to peace with that. Maybe the processing for happiness and success, beyond the veil of admission, is about finding peace with it and with ourselves. I don’t know, but that feels right to me.

Q: Hi, Jach. I’ve been thinking that so much of the life we could have is beyond a veil of permission to receive. Do you have any suggestions about how to more effectively grant ourselves that permission to live the life we could live?


A veil of permission … Wow. I hadn’t thought of that specific label. I like it.

First, I agree with your idea here. I find myself pondering it in this moment rather than writing about it. Excuse me for that. [s]

Lazaris talks about various Veils to Perception … the Veil of Mattering, of Magic, and of Choice … the Veil of Perspective, of Majesty, of Alliance … and the Veil of Admission. He has always talked of these seven veils that are the veils between worlds … between the current world and the new world … and also between the reality we have and the reality we could be living.

So I find myself wondering where this Veil of Permission fits in. What occurs to me is that the Veil of Permission … the Veil of Permission to Receive … could well be the synergy of the other seven. It could be that as well as allowing Mattering, Magic, and Choice, we open to lifting the Veil of Perspective. The first three are paramount for the fourth step, the most determined veil, the Veil of Perspective. And it’s the third veil that stops us. The lack of choice or the fear of choice prevents us from shifting/lifting our perspective of reality and the world. And the fifth veil is what liberates us. Facing our Majesty (the Veil of Majesty) is what can liberate us and give us the freedom to shift/lift our perspective. From majesty we can open to our alliances (the Veil of Alliances) with a new perspective, and we can finally admit. We can finally lift that seventh Veil of Admission.

And what’s the eighth step? Is it receiving? Is the eighth veil the Veil of Permission? I like that idea. And more than like it, it fits. There’s an elegance and a beauty (often a criterion of truth) to it. And key to each of the other seven veils is the energy of permission and the energy of receiving. Mattering involves permission and it involves receiving, doesn’t it? And all along the line.

And when it comes to the Veil of Admission, it seems that both permission and receiving are paramount. To admit that we are happy, happier than we have been and not as happy as we will be … to admit that we are successful, more successful than we have been but not as successful as we will be … well, permission is paramount. Receiving is essential.

Your specific questions:

Do I have suggestions for lifting this Veil of Permission? Yeah. [s] First, admit that it is there … let it matter and admit that it is there … be conscious of that veil. Then I think it’s important to focus on the seven. I don’t mean that we have to successfully lift all seven before we can lift that eighth veil (if indeed the Veil of Permission is the eighth veil [s]), but I do mean that as we consciously work with the veils that currently entangle us or trip us up, as we consciously embrace the veils we have moved through and the ones we are currently engaging, I think we will find the permission. Or, better said, I think we will find parts or pieces of that permission. We don’t need it all, do we? We just need a bit of permission. The veil doesn’t have to be gone, just lifted enough to sneak or squeeze under it, don’t you think?

Another suggestion: Ask for help to awaken the permission that we already have. Don’t ask your Higher Self for permission, but ask for help in awakening the permission that lies dormant within us.

These suggestions should make a difference And you know, just thinking about it and choosing … imagining it lifting or imagining ourselves being lifted over or through it … that imagining can be amazingly powerful. We can make the choice and then imagine it and then open our perspective to see what changes happen in our daily life … to see what happens to bring us a little bit closer to the reality that could be. Oh my, that means we need to dream and vision a bit, too, doesn’t it? [vbg]

Thanks for bringing such a provocative question to the table. I hope my reply was helpful.

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