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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world, and Alisonn’s “Soul Writings.”

Storms and Electromagnetism, Union and Imagination

Blog: Storms and Electromagnetism, Union and Imagination

By Jach

A Grouping of Questions with Jach’s Replies from the Online Conferences

Storms and Electromagnetism, Union and Imagination

The last several years have seen a dramatic upsurge in geophysical energy, made manifest in earthquakes and storms. In several conferences, Jach has approached the subject directly or as part of other questions. Here are some of his thoughts.


Right now I am siphoning a lot of energy and redirecting it. There is a tremendous amount of electromagnetic energy at play right now during this month of August (2004). I also heard Lazaris talking about how people are looking for a bonding agent that could be an ‘act of God’ to bring people together. There is an unusual amount of electromagnetic energy at play right now. There is excessive heat in some places … more than usual. The winds are kicking up and becoming threatening in places. Right now Florida is preparing for the landing of two hurricanes, for example. The wind and fire (heat) are extreme. So I am siphoning off that energy and redirecting it for peace, comfort, calm. The wind of people (thinking) and the fire of people (emotion/passion) are also extreme right now, as reflected in the weather, I believe. So I siphon that energy and I redirect it.

That energy is also great for sparking creativity, by the way. It can spark imagination, and where there is imagination, will cannot be far behind. So I use the excess that is not redirected to fuel my own creativity, imagination, and will. I think … I choose to believe … that with this siphoning, I can soften the edge and I can create a reality where people move off the sharp edges and seep back toward the middle … back into the mysterious between.

The third thing I am doing also comes from Lazaris’ comments during the last workshop. During such times of turmoil, he reminded us, we do what magicians do … we dream, we love, we heal, and we work magic. So I am dreaming dreams of greater civility. I am working with loving and healing within me and within situations around the world. And I am working magic … I am seeing people slipping and sliding off the sharp ridges and gleefully sliding down into a valley … laughing all the way. It’s a silly image, perhaps, but it is a symbol . . an imaginary icon … of the reality I want to create. In a way, it is a three-dimensional talisman. [s] I don’t know if any of this will work for you, but it is what I am working with in this regard.

One final thought on this issue: I think back to the culminating weekend from several years ago called ‘Earth Changes.’ It still stands out among the culminating weekends. During that time, Lazaris outlined and somewhat detailed the ‘genuine threats’ to our world after he spent time dispelling the disingenuous ones. Among the genuine threats was the blackmail of terrorists. Another was a lack of civility in America. Okay, we have avoided the economic house-of-cards collapse that was the third genuine threat. We are experiencing the real potentials of terrorist blackmail. Are we entering a time of American civil war? (Not Civil War as in the 1860’s but a war of civility)? So that’s why I work with those energies between.

Q: Hi, Jach. In times of personal and global stress and tension, I find it difficult to slow down and give voice to my soul and hear its call. Can you share how you connect and give voice to your soul? Thanks!


I know what you mean. For me there have been two extremely stressful and anxiety-producing events out of the month of August. Though it was not as dark or as disastrous as many of us imagined it might be, it was truly a dark month. The terrorism in Russia and, of course, the hurricane situations in Florida were very stress-producing, and they were fraught with anxiety and tension.

Here’s how I dealt with that: Now, admittedly, I didn’t think of it in the terms you use. I didn’t think of it as connecting with my soul. But as you mention it, I see that that was a part of what I was doing.

First, I owned the stress and anxiety. I recognized that I wasn’t sleeping well and that I was creating bizarre dreams. I found that I was waking up and feeling anxious with no focal point for that anxiety. I found that I was irritated by the simplest of things, and I was becoming more and more short-tempered. Also, I found myself distracting myself from the truer issues at hand. Fortunately, I quickly realized that I was in denial, and I was resisting my feelings. At that point I just admitted it to myself and forgave myself for being so obvious with my diversion from the stress/tension/etc. [s] Again, forgiving myself at that early stage may have seemed premature, but it was helpful.

The second thing I did was to acknowledge the effects of the surges of electromagnetic energy. Those hurricanes, long before they landed, were emitting massive amounts of electrical and magnetic energy. That energy was at play in Florida, but it was also at play in me (who was thinking, feeling, and caring about Florida and all the people there). So after forgiving myself for being so susceptible to the stress, I began shielding myself from the electromagnetic ‘pull.’ I also began aligning chakras, especially at the security level and then at the love level (the first and fourth levels of each chakra). With this three-pronged approach — forgiveness, shielding, aligning chakras — I began to center. The centering just seemed to happen.

In that centering, I turned to remembering: I told myself, sometimes saying it out loud and most often voicing it silently, that I am a magician, and I can handle this magically. My ego self — positive ego self — could handle the physical details of making telephone calls, giving advice, helping to make the tangible decisions. So I assigned that task to my ego. … Hey, it wanted something to do, right? So I gave it a productive task. Rather than letting it decide what to do, I decided what it would do. [s] So my Ego-I was involved. Then I could involve my Self-I in being the magician and in working the magic. I think that it was at that point that I could hear my soul again. It was at that point that the anxiety, tension, stress of it all subsided. It was at that point that I knew that the magic would mitigate the threat and the damage. And it was at that point that I turned my attention to working healing magic for those I love and for the thousands and thousands of people who were either in need or were going to be in need of that healing energy.

So as I think about it, I like my map … It begins with the basics: recognizing, acknowledging, and forgiving myself for my emotions (my thoughts and feelings). Then it’s about shielding … creating a domain of protection and a dome of magic. The third step had to do with aligning myself. Fourthly, I gave my Ego-I a direction. I think that is what it most wants, don’t you? Fifth step had to do with the direction of my Self-I. Sixth and seventh steps had to do with working magic and then with working healing magic. I think that basic approach can work in a situation of personal or global crisis and distress. It seems that these steps can create an environment where it is much easier to connect with our soul. Or better said, an environment when it is easier for our soul to connect to us. So thanks for asking. [vbg]

Q. Can you talk a bit about funneling the electromagnetic energy from the storms and using it for other good things personally and globally? Thank you.


There is a wonderful recording from Lazaris about visioning [Standing on the Verge: Elegant Visions Creating Magical Successes] … about using vision to create amazing success.

Anyway, to talk a bit about it, first, obviously there has been a massive amount of electromagnetic energy bursting in our reality. In fact, Lazaris has suggested that the current surges link back to the massive amount of sunspots and sunspot storms that happened two years ago … 2003. Those sunspots then are integral in triggering the current surges of electromagnetic energy. The year 2003 was the Year of Expansion and the electromagnetic energy that we have been experiencing has to do with expanding imagination and expanding creativity. Unattended, that energy has whipped itself up into tempests of destruction … almost unimaginable destruction. Rather than bursting with imaginative creative construction, we have been experiencing unimaginable destruction.

Okay. It’s not about blaming anyone or about being so sophomoric as to blame humankind or ourselves personally. I mention this to suggest how we might use this electromagnetic energy in a more productive and more elegant fashion. The electromagnetic energy is immense. We can meditatively enter the space/time … enter the geographic domains of the Gulf Coast ( New Orleans, Biloxi, Mobile, etc.), from Northern Florida to Western Texas, and walk the land in solitude or walk the land (the streets and roadways) amid the people and draw that electromagnetic energy into ourselves. We can open our seventh, sixth, or fifth chakras, for example. Some among us might do better to open the third or maybe even the fourth chakra (though I would be especially cautious about opening the fourth chakra for this kind of work). We can open and draw in the energy. We can just suck it in almost indiscriminately. We can fill and overflow ourselves with that energy. And then we can flow it into expanded imagination. To me, that means we can flow that energy (energy that had formation and now does not have formation) into imagination that is quantitatively more. We can see people … people that we know and those we don’t know … ordinary people, world leaders, the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’ … all being more imaginative.

But expansion isn’t just having more; it’s not just quantitative. We can see the scope of imagination expanding. We can see (we can imagine [s]) our own imaginations being richer with greater texture and with a grander reach — grander scope. We can add revelation to our imagination and to the imaginations of others. We can see President Bush with an expanded imagination that is rich with texture and an imagination that is far-reaching; we can see him imagining new solutions … solutions that are outside the box or outside his current paradigm of possibility. Whether or not we like or agree with the President’s policies, we can all agree that he would be (and we would be) better served with an expanded imagination, can’t we? And we can see the same for other world leaders … Imagine what it could be like if world leaders had a new and fresh imagination that could imagine anew.

And we can also use that energy — the siphoned electromagnetic energy — to spark creativity. We don’t have to know what specifically to create; we can just give formation to that energy: we can see more creativity flowing into our world and into the world around us … More creativity? Yes. But also creativity with a broader scope, creativity that is revealing (alive with revelation), and creativity that focuses on celebration. Again, we don’t have to know the form. Hey, I don’t know the form that expanded imagination or expanded creativity should take. But I can imagine the world would be healthier and happier if there were more of each.

So rather than funneling that energy for ‘just something,’ I think it works more elegantly to understand a bit of the why … This electromagnetic energy was designed to spark imagination and creativity, it was designed to expand imagination and creativity. So I will help it along. I will help that expression of consciousness reach its destination. It has been diverted into unimaginable destruction. I will help it get back on course to become very imaginable and to become constructive rather than destructive. There is something more elegant about that and I like it.

Now, another question … How do I know that was the purpose of the electromagnetic energy? How do I know that was its destination? Well, partly I know that because that is the nature — the grace — of explosive electromagnetic energy. Partly I know that because it has to do with limbic brain or mid-brain function. And thus it has to do with creativity and imagination. But beyond that, the sunspots in 2003 came during a time of expansion.

And then there is the other part: I create my own reality. Ha! It makes sense to ME! In my world … the world I create … the proper destination for that energy is expanded imagination and creativity. So that’s the way it is in my world. [s]

What destination do you think it should have in YOUR world? Go for it!!! [vbg] I hope that reply was helpful and that it gave you the answer you sought and maybe even sparked a new idea or two. [s]

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