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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world, and Alisonn’s “Soul Writings.”

Guidelines for Evaluating Channeling

Blog: Guidelines for Evaluating Channeling

Channeling has been a part of our spiritual search since that search began. Though the acceptability and the visibility of channeled entities and channeled communication has varied, both have always been present within our study and pursuit of metaphysics. The quality of communication and the quality of the messages vary, and there are guidelines that we can use.

1. Are the teachings limited? Are the teachings giving you the sense that you are less than you really are? There are many who would tell you of your limitation, about how you are a "low-life of the Universe" and how they – the entity – has come to save you. Many would tell you that there is no hope for humankind unless you accept them as your hope. Many erroneously teach that human beings are the truant ones or the remedial ones of the Universe. Such teachings prey upon limitation. Lazaris encourages us to be wary of such teachings and those who teach them.

2. Can you apply the teachings to your life? Is there a pragmatism amid the esoterics? Lazaris points out that it is interesting, even fascinating, to hear about the Ancient Civilizations of Atlantis or of Lemuria, but it is always important to come back to what you can learn about yourself and your current reality. It is vital to assess how such discussions, no matter how intriguing, are going to add to your success, happiness, and joy now in your current world. A valuable question to ask: "How is this going to help me become more real; how is this going to add dimension to who I am?"

3. As you apply the teachings, are you becoming happier, are you finding joy? Are you becoming more of your real self and real Self? Is your life working better and moving you forward upon your metaphysical-spiritual path?

4. When you come away from the teachings, are you feeling and thinking more positively? Are you more open to the possibility of new feeling and new thought? It is not enough to just feel good, Lazaris points out. Our hearts can reflect and express our emotions, but we need to let our minds express and reflect our thoughts and our thinking. Another valuable question: "Has the experience made me more of who I am or has it left me less?"

5. Consistency of an evolving message is a critical guideline. Over the years has the message communicated grown, changed, and evolved while maintaining consistency? In other words, does the message have integrity? Be wary of the message that always says the same thing in the same way as well as being wary of the message that contradicts itself. Also, look to see if the channeled communication "follows the fads."

6. Emotional consistency of the entity is another vital measure. Is the entity moody and broody? Does the entity have an "off day" where the entity is grumpy and snappy? Be wary if so. Watching to assess whether the entity’s mood mimics or shadows the channeler’s mood offers a valuable clue. The entity should be independent emotionally and mentally from the person doing the channeling. And the quality of the information should not vary depending upon the mood or temperament of the person doing the channeling.

7. Where’s the power? A channeling experience should not be disempowering. An entity who may be worth listening to should not be disempowering, nor should they be "taking your power." Lazaris recommends that we be wary of a channel, an entity, or the message resulting from their interaction if the power is not always placed with or given back to you. You and your conscious mind are the seat of your power: current, present, here and now. If this truth is not evident, be cautious.

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