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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world, and Alisonn’s “Soul Writings.”

Lazaris Explains Lazaris

Blog: Lazaris Explains Lazaris

by Lazaris

As we say, we officially began communicating through Jach, the one we call the Channel, on October 3rd, 1974. We had made contact with him much earlier in that year through his own meditative approaches, and indeed much to his surprise! Our initial message to him (as he quite accurately reports it) was "We will call you … not for you to call us."

And through that period of time we were rather making the initial and completed adjustments such as to make possible our communication without creating any distress or harm to the physical, mental or psychological form of the one who is the Channel.

Prior to that timing (according to your particular schedules it would be during several of his previous lifetimes) we had initially made touch or contact with the Channel to nudge, to gently nudge and suggest (much without his knowing) certain evolutionary developments in preparation for this timing of October, 1974.

During his current lifetime, in his childhood and early adolescence, again ever so gently, we were ever so subtly nudging. For above all we did not want to create any distress, but only to create the opportunity for his growth, as well as for the opportunity for our own and the opportunity for those with whom we would be speaking.

We are the only one, as we have suggested, from our levels of awareness who has ever or who will ever communicate with your planet.

And the only one we shall ever come through is the Channel … We have taken "time," and a precious great deal of it according to your standard, to make that communication most beneficial, most easy, most clear.

And therefore, we are satisfied and need not explore and expand to channel through any other form in any other capacity.

First of all we are not physical, nor have we ever been, though many have asked us where our lifetimes were, or when we were on the planet, suggesting we must have been in Atlantis or perhaps Lemuria before.

But the answer, the same as always, is: "No, we have not been physical." We have not been on your Physical Plane at any time of its history. Nor, for that matter, on any other planet or system that supports physical life.

Now we rather stress that point, though perhaps it would be very simple for us to just say, "Oh, we existed on some extra-terrestrial planet."

Or, "We existed in some time past (that would never be traceable)."

That would satisfy many, but it would not be the truth. Physical beings have great difficulty dealing with the idea that there are consciousnesses — and intelligent consciousnesses at that — that have opted not to develop in any way that resembles a physical development.

Now for many of you that live in the United States, were the question posed, "Is it conceivable to you that there are people who live from birth to death and never, ever set foot upon the United States?"

Answer: "Of course. Naturally so. There are millions of them."

Then why is it so inconceivable when asked: "Is it possible that there are those consciousnesses who exist in their reality who have never been physical?" Why does it seem so ponderously strange?

And we would suggest that just as there are those who have not been in the United States, there are those who have not been physical.

And we are one of them.

You see, in the development of consciousness, you as a spark of consciousness make certain decisions. Among the earlier decisions that you make is: In the process of your growth, do you want to do it in a bodied form, a physicality, or not?

Obviously, those listening to this tape, for the majority, have decided they do, and thus you have, and thus you are physical. However, we broached that question and we decided no, and therefore are not, nor have been physical.

What else are we not? Well, we are not a guru, and we are not a master. Oh dear no! We rather moved beyond those levels long ago, as you would call it in time, in our own awareness of our growth. And therefore, we are not intending ever to be followed, to develop disciples, to be anyone’s guru, master or leader.

It was expressed once very nicely by a particular person with whom we have talked. Speaking with someone who had not yet heard or known much about us, this person was asked, "Ah, you’re a follower of Lazaris?" After a poignant pause, the individual responded, "No, I’m not a follower. I am a friend."

And that’s, in a sensing, what we much prefer. There’s nothing wrong with gurus or masters. Nor do we object to their existence. But we would suggest here that eventually each individual, each consciousness, must come to the conclusion that indeed it is its own guru, its own master.

And therefore, out of respect for you, we refuse to fulfill that role even for a moment. Out of respect for ourselves, we refuse to go back to that level, but rather insist upon soaring forth in our own growth.

We are also not a father figure, though many would like to make us such, to replace the lack of a father that they had, for the inadequacies of the one that was there. But again, we steadfastly and with great patience resist this role.

You see, if you attempt to put us into that position, then you will have to treat us as a father, and eventually reject, and eventually create the problems of self-respect. And once again, out of respect for you and your consciousness, we smile, we nod, and say, "No, thank you. Please, we would much rather be your friend — not your father."


"We are a spark of consciousness" is perhaps the best way to describe us. Content without form. A spark of consciousness that exists and is aware of its existence, that creates thought, that creates reality, just as you are consciousness that creates thought and creates reality. We do it with a greater level of awareness, and we do it without form. That is the difference.

Also, one could well say that we are a multi-leveled consciousness, and thus refer to ourselves as "we." Not because we’re so imperial, but simply because we are aware of the multi- levels of our existence.

When you make reference to yourself, you often use the word "I", because at any one moment of consciousness you are most often aware of yourself in the singularity of your physical existence, though intellectually you know you exist on the Astral, and on the higher levels of consciousness, by whatever name you give them. But at a moment, from one to the next, you experience those linearly.

In our consciousness, we experience them exponentially. And therefore, for us to say "I" seems rather meaningless, for we are aware of our existence on multiple levels, multiple levels of awareness. And out of deference to and respect for ourselves, we refer to the multiplicities as "we".

Indeed, we have suggested upon occasion that if we were ever to be physical, we most certainly would have to be a number of people, for we could not all fit into one body form.

Does that mean we’re a very large spark of consciousness? A spark is a spark. It is neither large nor small. It has no form. We are simply content.

And we would suggest that you are also a spark of consciousness. You also exist, not only on the Physical, Astral, Causal & Mental Planes — your expanded playground of awareness — but you exist on all the other levels of awareness. You exist on the same levels of awareness on which we exist. The difference: We know it. You don’t … yet.

Well, in the Human Potential Movement and in many other systems of growth — whether they are actually dealing with the potential of the human or not — there is often this attempt to categorize. "My guru is more important than yours. My master is at a higher level than yours." And many get into this hierarchical structure of what’s what and who’s where and who’s above whom, etc.

In one regard, which is more evolved, the bulb or the tulip, the stem, the leaves, or the flower itself? And indeed, it becomes ludicrous to try to say the bulb is more or less evolved than the tulip petal that eventually unfolds.

Also, we have found that those people to whom it is important to know if it is level #10 or #25 or #36 probably could never understand the meaning and the significance therein, even if we did tell them.

What we would suggest is this: We define from our perspective — and you can do so as you like — that there is a Physical reality, and then an Astral reality, and beyond that what we have described or called The Causal Plane of reality where cause and effect is initiated and expanded.

Then there is the Mental Plane of reality, upon which are placed most of what are called "Heavens" — Christian, Buddhist, or Eastern-religioned or Middle Eastern-religioned heavens, paradises, nirvanas, and utopias — and the major gods of the major religions of your reality.

These four planes we call the Lower Worlds — not because they’re "less than", but as a point of distinction between them and the Higher Worlds. That distinction also is a distinction of who creates it.

And we would suggest all of you who are physical and all of you who have been physical are responsible for the creative energies that have brought about the Physical, Astral, Causal and Mental Planes of Reality.

Beyond that exists the Higher Realms, which some attach names to (usually Eastern, tongue-tying names which are difficult to pronounce), planes which would be labelled as effectively the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Planes of Reality. And the numbers increase … forever. For indeed there is no ceiling. There is no limit to the development of consciousness, and similarly no limit to the development of Planes of Reality.

And so, often to the question "What plane are you on?" we suggest: "Pick a number. We’ll be there."

We exist on a plane of reality that is far beyond that which we call the Lower Worlds, far beyond that which would be labeled by any system as Solar Planes of Reality.

And perhaps that would be sufficient. For our goal is not to impress you with the number or numbers of planes of our realities, but to assist you by providing insight, insight that we beseech you to accept, not because "Lazaris said so" or a friend of yours got a lot of help, but rather because what we suggest works for you.

And as it works, and allows you to explore your life more fully and more completely, then the matter of "which Plane" diminishes and your ability to create success, your ability to be the whole and total being that you are similarly increases.

… We often look at ourselves (figuratively, for we do not have eyes) as energy that creates thought. We do not think. And those of you who have spoken with us for lengthy periods of time and those for only recent times notice that you never hear us say, "Well, we think this," or "Let us think about that." Because, you see, we don’t think.

Thinking involves time. Thinking involves "now" and "then". Therefore, we create thought, and we transmit that created thought in the hopes that it might be perhaps of assistance in our communications with you.


Well, how do we communicate? That also is of curiosity to many.

We would first suggest that we never enter the body of the Channel, for that’s not necessary. When you turn on your television set and watch Dan Rather at night, you don’t for a moment suspect that dear Dan is sitting inside that little box. You know full well that he’s sitting in a station somewhere and rather talking to a camera, which is recording, and then sending those signals through the air to your local receiving station, which then transmits the signal to your local television set, sometimes even by videotape — how fascinating — or film.

And we would liken our communication similarly … We do not enter the physical form of the Channel. We don’t get anywhere near that physical plane of reality.

But rather, we connect energies that are thoughts into a system of vibration that we than transmit through the cosmos and the various levels.

It then enters your reality through the Mental Plane, then drifts down, in its way, to the Physical Plane, much as a television signal to the antennae, and then it is amplified and comes out of the vocal cords, the mouth, and the speaking structure of that which is the Channel.

And in its amplification and in its sequencing it sounds suspiciously like words. Your ears pick it up and you hear words. Do we speak? No, we transmit blips and bleeps of energy, if you will, that through their amplification sound like words. And through those blips and bleeps and transmissions of energies, that sound like words, you absorb the ideas, and thus we communicate.

Well, why do we communicate? Well, the first reason — and to us the most special reason — is in order to talk to the one who is known as Peny.

Now initially that might sound a bit trite. Well, you came to talk to one person, why are you bothering talking to the rest of us, and why are you bothering making this tape at all? So let us explain that a bit more fully.

As we said at the beginning of this recording, we began nudging the Channel several of his lifetimes ago, and more specifically and more directly in his current life, began an initial contact with him meditatively in early 1974. Then finally we had our "coming out party," so to speak, on October 3rd. All of this, in your sequence of events, was many hundreds of years. In our sequence without time, well, one can’t even say it took a moment. All of this so that we might talk with the one Peny.

Early on in our communication she asked us, "What is it that I can do, or we (meaning herself and the Channel) can do to assist you in accomplishing that which you are here to accomplish? What should we do to get out of your way so that you might do for the planet that which you came to do?"

And we smiled and chuckled a bit and proceeded to explain that we had come primarily to talk with her. We had no mission to save anything or anyone, but rather came to talk and chat with her. And if for the remainder of her physical existence we only spoke with her and indeed no one ever heard of our existence or talked with us, our mission would have been accomplished. But if she would like us to talk with others, we’d be more than happy to do so.

She did, we are, and you’re hearing this recording. That is because Peny is a very special being to us, a being whom we have been aware of for many and many and many of her lifetimes, though not interfering or involving ourselves, who has developed her own evolutionary path and has proceeded along that path very joyously and very successfully.

She is a very special person, one who touches us very deeply — the one we came to touch because of her particular focus in this lifetime, a focus which she attempted many lifetimes ago and did not succeed in accomplishing, a focus which she tenaciously decided to do again. Therefore she has returned three additional times beyond that which was necessary in order to accomplish this focus.

And thus we wanted to talk with her, to be with her, to share her experience and our experience as in this lifetime that focus shall be accomplished — completing a task begun thousands of years ago in her reality. Many of you are aware of the very special energy of the love and the caring and the insight that Peny provides. That love, that caring, that insight, that gem of an energy that is Peny: It is to experience and to bask in that, that we primarily have come to communicate.


Since we hav
never been physical and have a very natural curiosity, we rather also wanted to learn about your physical reality, but did not want to have to do that through the limitations of form — a decision, by the by, that we are ever increasingly pleased with. Not that we don’t appreciate and respect that which you go through as physical beings, but exactly because we do respect and appreciate it. Therefore, we are quite proud of our decision ever so "long" ago not to go through that hassle you call physicality.

But since we did want to learn, and therefore chose to do it in this manner, we decided to make that also a two-way experience, such that we not only are learning about your physical plane, but also are giving you an opportunity to see your own reality from our perspective.

Therefore there is an exchange: For what you give us in awareness of your reality, we more than happily and most definitely enjoy exchanging our perspective in offering you insight into ours …

That is why we do workshops and seminars. We want very much to have the opportunity to share with you as specifically as we can our observations of your reality, as you have created it, offering you perhaps insights and suggestions of how you might alter your perspective, change your approach, such as to create a reality more to your own liking.

Those of you who have been with us notice that we never tell you what to do. We only make suggestions. We suggest this, and we suggest that, for there is no expectation that you must accomplish anything.

We respect you to know what is best for you, and therefore, if you want to create the reality you’re creating, we are not going to tell you otherwise, but will suggest perhaps more helpful or beneficial ways of approaching your reality. No issue is too large or too small. No human question is too intelligent or too dumb.

For indeed, the curiosity we have about that which is physical and the human form does not get bored, for boredom requires time. Nor do we get impatient. Similarly, impatience requires time. We also enjoy talking with people about their past lives. We hesitate as we say the term, for it is a misnomer since all lifetimes are concurrent. All lifetimes are simultaneous and are only labeled "past" for the convenience of categorizing them. We enjoy sharing that perspective, because, you see, without time we can be aware of your past, present and future, and therefore we can dip in and tap in for you, and explore with you that which is there to be discovered.

Our intent in talking of lifetimes is not to entertain, though indeed many of the lifetimes are extremely so. But rather, the purpose is to provide you with a grasp and understanding, a perspective of fitting it together in a larger scope, such that you might benefit and grow not only from knowing what the lifetimes have been, but also from learning how to work with them, which is an integral part of a life reading. It shows you how you might augment those very positive and powerful aspects of what you’ve been in other experiences, and also assist you in learning how to diminish those less positive influences.

Many who talk of lifetimes want to suggest that they control you. Quite to the contrary, you control yourself, but they augment or they influence your perceptions and perspectives. And as you can become aware of the tint of your rose-colored glasses, so you can compensate and adjust for that to allow yourself a clearer vision. With many with whom we talk we share their blockages, those things that get in the way of creating that absolutely delightfully successful life.

You see, in order to overcome hurdles, first you have to construct them. But also, you then forget that you were the one that constructed them, and keep stumbling over them in the dark. And so, if we can perhaps help shed light and point out those particular hurdles, and help you understand why you created them, then you can learn and allow yourself to glide over them with grace, and then in time, satisfy yourself that you have learned how to overcome them … and then get rid of them altogether.

Our emphasis in talking with people is providing techniques. We never tell people: "This is the way it is and therefore accept it," but rather explain: "This is the way you created it, and therefore, if you want it, accept it. But if you don’t like what you’ve created, here’s about 15 or 20 different ways in which you can work with it" — because the reality is that you create everything, and, therefore, you have the reins in your hands. Perhaps we can assist you in learning how to more skillfully use those reins to direct your life more propitiously.

There are so many aspects, so many messages you give yourself, and many times you overlook them. For example: the importance of dreams.

Dreams are coded messages that your Subconscious and Higher Consciousness attempt to give you. You see, in many ways your brain has been Chairman of the Board, so to speak, for all of your life, and fairly comfortable in its cushy chair. And when you come along and decide, "All right. Now I’m ready to grow, ready to expand and to explore my own spiritual development."

You, in a sense, are kicking the brain out as Chairman of the Board and replacing it with the mind, which is … how do you say … run by, fueled by, the Subconscious and Higher Conscious minds.

And the brain is sometimes a bit resentful and jealous of being dethroned and will do what it can to throw up interference. That’s where the ego gets involved — as with the person who in their meditation gets very clearly that they are God, or God’s specific messenger to save the planet. For that is where the ego gets involved in terms of in meditations and in altered states kicking up very negative and very destructive information.

The brain gets in the way, and therefore the Higher Consciousness and Subconsciousness, being more shrewd, figure out ways of sending you coded messages, ways of alerting you to things to pay attention to, alerting you to things to watch out for and to be aware of.

These coded messages come through dreams many times. These coded messages also respond in the health and physical well-being of the body. To stub your toe is many times a message to watch where your footing is going. To develop a problem with your eyes is telling you you’re afraid of seeing. Ringing in the ears could be a statement that you’re not willing to listen or that you ought to pay attention more to what you’re hearing.

And then it could be any number of other things, and to insist that you know and insist that you figure it all out by yourself is perhaps asking a bit too much. And so it is that we enjoy exchanging our perspective to rather help you understand ways and means of decoding these messages so frequently given. Similarly: meditations. A beautiful, but not essential, technique of growth. And for those of you who want to develop, we are more than happy to assist you both in unraveling the amount of dogma and the amount of information that has been disseminated through the aeons of time and in providing you little personal and unique approaches that can help you, but not necessarily everyone, with their meditative approaches. Basically, in our exchange of perspective, we want to offer you an opportunity to see yourself more clearly and an opportunity to do as you wish, an opportunity not only to realize that you hold the reins of your reality, but that you can actually creatively do something about it.

Also we like to talk with people about their focuses. Now we use that term focus, because words like purpose, task, mission, or duty sound so very ominous, as though someone up there opened a fortune cookie and rather gave you an assignment: "This is your job. Don’t come back til it’s done!"

The word focus implies much more completely the self-choice that is involved. Like a focus of a lens that you wide-angle or zoom, you can slip filters of varying sizes and shapes and colors in front of the lens to change the perspective. And indeed, you also have the opportunity to refocus on something else entirely. And though it is true that each lifetime has a focus — indeed seven of them — you have the choices and you have the options. Which brings us to the final reason we are communicating. And that is to offer alternatives, to offer choices. You see, you do create your own reality, and many of you know that, and many of you feel that and experience that. But often you have not considered the choices that are available, and often are being told that you must make this happen, or you must do this, or you are supposed to use your creativity, your power, your spirituality this way or that.

And that’s all well and good, and the intentions of those that tell you what to do may well be very clear. But we would suggest that you deserve to know your options, to know the choices, to know that which is available to you, and to have the choice as to whether you want to make your reality work, or — as we would suggest — let it work … let yourself have success, let yourself have joy, let yourself have spirituality. It is waiting, trying to bust into your reality.


What is our purpose, our focus, as we would call it? It is not to save the planet. The planet, indeed, can take good care of itself. It has been doing so and will do so … The Earth was taking care of itself long before each of you hearing this recording were born into this lifetime, and it will be doing so long after you die from this one.

We are not here to save you, either. You can do that. We are simply here because it’s fun. Because we enjoy it, and because of the "Aha!" moments of realization and pleasure. You see, about 1% of our energy (if one were to be dividing it into percentages at all) is involved in communicating with the physical world, your Earth plane, your planet, your planet only. The remainder of our energies are involved in doing exactly the same thing — communicating, sharing, offering choices of alternatives, and offering perspectives to those consciousnesses which have long since moved beyond your physical plane and are on the evolutionary patterns of the higher levels.

And so our purpose, our focus, is to have fun, to enjoy the "Aha!" of your realization, and to bask in that energy of your growth. No expectations. No demands. Simply to have fun, and indeed if it were not fun, we would not do so. And it is not your responsibility to make it fun for us — for yourself, yes — but for us, no. For above all, we do indeed create our own reality, and we do indeed take full and total responsibility for that which we experience.

We have fun. We do not want to save anything. Perhaps the only thing we’d want to save is your right to make choices, and your right to decide what is best for you. Perhaps we’d want to save your right to take full and total responsibility for your reality, and indeed that is perhaps what we’re about.

When it comes right down to it, we want to be your friend, and as a friend to enjoy your experiences as you enjoy them, to laugh with your joy, and to be there to help you when you cry. We want to be able to give insight, understanding, awareness, and to receive the joy of your experience of yourself. To lead you? No. To master you? No. To have you praise and honor us? Definitely not. To be a friend. To be a friend.

With love and peace …

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