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9080 Transcendent Gifts of the Ancients


Legacy PPV Transcendent Gifts of the Ancients: Well-Being and Being Well ~ Orlando, June 2010

Product #9080

9080 Transcendent Gifts of the Ancients
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Keywords: Ancients, Transcendent, Well-Being

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The world mired in chaos stands upon the verge of monumental evolutionary change. You stand upon a pinnacle as a radiant beacon of light in a world fraught with fear and pain. The Ancients are coming with the transcendent gifts of well-being and with the miracles of being well. Receive their gifts: Allow their bounty to overflow in your reality. Then share the wonder with the world. Share the splendor. ~ Lazaris

We can lift our longings, hopes, and dreams of longevity into vibrant and rich reality. Living the celebratory life we were born to live is within our grasp, and it can become the foundation from which we engage and embrace our participation in the Great Work. Longevity, with all its bounty, can be our bridge to building and living an enchanted life of magic and wonder.

We know the basics: eat right, think and feel right, exercise right, and then supplement the “right stuff” in any number of ways. No matter how much we know, and no matter how diligent we have become, we also know that there is something missing. We feel it in our hearts: There must be something more.

Beyond the proper regimen, there is a profound gift — the mysterious and mystical gift of the Ancients called Well-Being. We have heard the word “well-being” many times, and too often we pass over the word with a knowing smile. We understand the meaning of the word, but we have not yet touched the wealth of knowing or the mystery tucked in its depths. This miraculous gift from the Ancients can become our magical and miraculous foundation of longevity. Lazaris calls this gift the Four Beautiful Truths.

During this intensive, Lazaris explores this gift with its four components. Lazaris guides us beyond the familiar into the august reaches of each of the Four Beautiful Truths. From within those expanses, our Higher Self and Soul will speak with us. Our Spirit can come alive with new dimensionality and vibrancy. Touching the “thrill” otherwise lost in those truths, we can receive the transcendent gifts from the Ancients. Within the depth, we can be touched by a Grander Love, and we can be healed by Her touch — by God / Goddess / All That Is.

Longevity, once a fantasy that became a wish, a hope, and then a dream, can now lift to become a reality — our reality — in a world that is becoming new.

Download a one-page PDF of the Longevity Matrix.

The Ancients are coming. Come and receive their gifts: well-being and being well. Receive the gift of longevity. Welcome …

Initiations of Love’s Magic: Putting Your Love into Action

Evening with Lazaris

When love’s magic is art, it matures with the strength of enchantment, and it deepens with the beauty of grace. When love’s magic is art, your life becomes a slow dance, elegant, majestic, and profound. When love’s magic becomes art. ~ Lazaris

Amid the turmoil in the world around us, our current threshold can be a precipice of uncertainty or a pinnacle of magic. As we initiate love’s magic, we can step beyond: our success, rich with achievement, can deepen, and our happiness, bountiful with adventure, can expand. Our love, already bountiful, can become grand, and our magic can crescendo with brilliance and joy.

We know we are masterful magicians. Yet sometimes — too often — the enchantment and the grace of our magic remain elusive or lag behind. We know we bountifully love, but putting that love into action can be riddled with uncertainty and shaky confidence.

Lazaris has designed a beautiful evening of discussion and magic so we can take the steps to move beyond the tattered vestiges of our past and be free of our encumbering sense of indebtedness.

From the unspoken depths of our magic and our love, we can conjure a rare magic, a sublime magic. We can initiate Love’s Magic. We can step from our current pinnacle and put love into action.

Join us for another magical encounter with Lazaris — an evening that can be the next step in this Year of Initiation and a powerful prelude to the intensive on longevity.

Welcome …

The Lazaris Community

Over the decades, a thriving spiritual community has blossomed among many who work with Lazaris. Explore ways to become part of this love, healing and belonging.