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9371 Opening the Magic Door: The Lost Secrets of Atlantis


Opening the Magic Door: The Lost Secrets of Atlantis

Product #9371

9371 Opening the Magic Door: The Lost Secrets of Atlantis
46 Day Access

Price: $99.00


We invite you to allow us to help you open your heart and soul so that you might remember the beauty of Atlantis without resurrecting the violence, so that you might reunite with a love from Atlantis without regenerating the pain, and so that you might be lifted, transcendent, by the enchantment and the solitude of Atlantis without once again becoming lost in the crises and the loneliness. ~ Lazaris

Lazaris has described Atlantis as the headwaters where the flow of our current spirituality began and where many of our directional lifetimes occurred. Although the darkness and destruction of Atlantis is often easier to imagine and can therefore seem more real, Atlantis also holds an immense amount of love and beauty that we can reconnect with and bring into our daily lives. It holds an enchantment and a solitude that can lift us to transcendent states, but those energies are often denied because we were once lost in the crisis and loneliness that was a part of Atlantean times.

Atlantis also holds something we lost of ourselves which we need to recollect – our medicine, as Lazaris calls it – in order to finish the work we came here to do: Participate in the healing of a world so that that world can become a New World.

Through this journey with Lazaris, we can better understand the overlay in the modern world as well as touch the beauty and wonder of Atlantis without regenerating the pain. We can reawaken the solitude and enchantment and discover what we lost of ourselves in Atlantis.

Download a printable PDF map of the three civilizations of Atlantis.

(7 hours, Magic Times and meditations not included)

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