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Waking the Magician: Sacred Return to Oneness


Waking the Magician: Sacred Return to Oneness

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From the first moment of our urge to spirituality, it is there: the yearning to awaken the Magician who is born of knowing and certainty, who is born of a Real Self and the Real World. Lazaris teaches us the qualities of this High Magician and looks at the patterns of fear and the needs that prevent its awakening. He guides the Doors of Perception Meditation in which the Magician is awakened, and then provides several techniques for exploring magical places and dream worlds: The Magic Mirror Technique, The Crimson Disk Technique, and the Incubation of Dreams Technique. He also shows us how to use the Doors of Perception from the meditation as its own unique technique. Now awakened, the Magician begins to chart the Sacred Return to Oneness with your self, your world, Soul and Spirit, and God / Goddess / All That Is. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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Meditation: Doors of Perception Meditation (Waking the Magician)

Keywords: Aspects of Self, Authenticity, Clarity, Sirius Vortex, The Great Work, High Magic, Choice, Dominating Masculine Principle, Patterns of Fear, Crimson Disk Technique, Magic Mirror Technique

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