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Shop : Lazaris Series : Discussion Excerpts : Turbulence and Light in a World Becoming New (audio)

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Turbulence and Light in a World Becoming New (audio)


Turbulence and Light in a World Becoming New (audio)

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Tucked away in the Saturday morning of the Culminating Weekend of 2010 and hidden in a One-Day Workshop in 2012 are two discussions critical to understanding the nature and the grace of a world becoming new. Lazaris talks about the Seven Key Sources of Turbulence underlying the current and building chaos in the world. We can work our magic, focusing on healing and evolving the turbulence into monumental, even miraculous, change. Lazaris also talks about the Evolving Paradigms from What Was to What Will Be in concise and clear terms. What could have been a heady philosophical discussion is a brilliant and insightful map for us as working magicians engaged in the Great Work of this current and future age. Together these discussions, which could have otherwise been lost, stand out, offering insight, assurance, and direction for each of us. 125 minutes (2 hours, 5 minutes)

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Keywords: turbulence, chaos, shifting paradigms, Great Work, healing

Price: $24.95

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