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Maturing Our Magic…Sitting with the Ancients (audio)


Maturing Our Magic…Sitting with the Ancients (audio)

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In the eyes of the Ancients . . . These old eyes delight in the journey of the Fool, and yet they grow weary with the antics of the foolish. Oh, Dear One, come join us and sit with the Ancients. Seek their counsel, seek their gifts, and revel in their grace ~ Lazaris

When we first began, we sought aliveness, wholeness, and togetherness as well as individuality; we wanted to become more. We searched for love; we were looking for our soul and spirit. When we first began, we used magic to get stuff for ourselves. We have grown and we have changed. And we have received so much. And yes, we have become more … so much more … than we dreamed and so much more than we imagined we would be. Oh, how we have received the bounty and how we have matured as magicians.

With that maturity, we now use our magic to give. Our magic can become an even more powerful conduit for giving: triggering aliveness and wholeness, sparking individuality, igniting love, and flowing the miracles of belonging with an awakened soul and an enlivened spirit.

Magicians from all parts of the world joined Lazaris and joined together to sit with each other and then to Call the Ancients and to Sit with the Ancients. There are no words to adequately describe the wonder of this ancient ritual. Beyond sitting with the Ancients, with Lazaris as a companion, we gathered the precise energies that we needed to individually mature our personal magic. Then we worked the “lost magic of the smithies” … with forging magic we re-formed our magic, stronger and more powerful than before.

With this recording, we can join together again to mature our magic. Once again our magic can become a reservoir and a wellspring for aliveness, togetherness, and love. We and our world can become more. What a bountiful gift we can both receive and give. The full two-hour workshop and the meditation are included. Online Workshop from June 2006, 2 hours

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Meditation: Sitting with the Ancients Meditation

Keywords: Ancients, Magic, Maturing

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