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9369 Keys to Unlocking Brilliant Futures


Legacy PPV Keys to Unlocking Brilliant Futures

Product #9369

9369 Keys to Unlocking Brilliant Futures
46 Day Access

Price: $75.00


The old ways of living your life aren’t working. They’re working to a point, but they are impeded. You need to put yourself back together again but new. With magical keys in hand, you can begin to put yourself together again anew and you can realize brilliant futures of magic and miracles and of goodness, truth, and beauty. ~ Lazaris

Dear Friends,

Our first Livestream, Keys to Unlocking Brilliant Futures, was an event like no other … a Livestream where so many magicians gathered from around the world to initiate or set in motion healing for our world. For those who could not attend the live event, it became available in September. Now, the magic continues, and even more magicians have an opportunity to join in and continue the confluence of magic as this PPV becomes a part of our Legacy and Amethyst streaming programs.

During this watershed event, Lazaris talked about the impact of the Coronavirus and the pain it awakened in our world as well as in us, he also discussed what is happening as the old ways are crumbling in our world – and in us.

Lazaris laid out seven powerful keys that we can use to awaken brilliant futures – futures that can be available to anyone willing to perceive a new world. This event was a wellspring of healing for so many magicians, who in turn flowed that healing into our world, and it can also serve as a touchstone for so much more magic. The powerful healing meditation/ritual, The House of a Thousand Dreams is included.

Download a printable PDF version of the session list for this event.

Download a printable PDF of the parabola for the Tiers of Emotion.

Production Credits:

Video Production – Eric Belluche

Graphic Design – Margie Deeb

Proofing/Testing – Alix Jamieson

Music Credits:

Tranquility by Jack Waldenmaier, Tranquil

Safe Place 2 by Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Lemuria 2 [CD]

Hard to Say Goodbye by Dan Gautreau

She Returns by Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Music for Lazaris 15 [CD]

Valley of the Giants by Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Music for Lazaris 5 [CD]

The Lazaris Community

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