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9192 Merlin-Arthur Legacy


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Legacy PPV Merlin Arthur Legacy, Legend, Myth and Magic, (Intensive)

Product #9192

9192 Merlin-Arthur Legacy
45 Day Access

Keywords: Merlin, Ladies of the Round, Co-Creation, Arthur, Legacy, Personal Tapestry

Price: $275.00


Gather ’round as we tell you a story – as we weave a timeless legend right and true. Let us tell you of dragons, of Merlin, and of Celts and Faeries too. Listen as we speak of Arthur and of the Knights and Ladies of the Round. Be hushed as we speak of the Lady of the Realm. Gather ’round as we tell you a story . . . ~ Lazaris

The Merlin-Arthur Legacy can be electric with the light and breath of life itself, alive with bold dreams and powerful visions, and alive with co-creative magic. It can sparkle with the music that calls us Home.

Woven into the Merlin-Arthur Legacy are the threads with which to weave our own personal tapestry for our Great Work in a world becoming new. Within the Legacy lie the secrets that can guide us to the fascination of our co-creative magic and to the mystery and wonder of our new self as we co-create a newly-forged magical life.

Lazaris has designed a mystical 3-day workshop to lift a familiar legend and myth to a loftier and more expansive level of magic. Through ritual magic, we can enter the hidden, often lost, heart of the legend. We can be changed. In the very core of the Merlin-Arthur Legacy, we can become more. We can become new.

Is this ancient story relevant today in a world that is crumbling in anticipation of becoming new? What does this telling of the tale have to do with the Year of Co-creation? At the core of the Merlin-Arthur Legacy, we can find our personal legacy and we can find more of our new self. Within the expansion of the legacy and within the expansion of our love lies the new fuel that can catapult us and our magic forward with incredible precision.

As we unfold the legacy and expand our love, our Core of Being can come alive with power and passion. We can more elegantly create, co-create, and manifest greater success, happiness, and joy for ourselves and for the world. We can co-create a more solid and pure foundation from which to love and heal, from which to dream and vision, and from which to work our magic as never before.

Within the weave of Lazaris’ love and magic, we can find our shimmering thread that is our spiritual current. Among the many threads that can guide us there is that special one that shimmers with goodness and truth – a special thread that can guide us "all the way" Home. That thread is hidden and protected within the Merlin-Arthur Legacy; it is hidden and protected within our legend, myth, and magic.

During these days, fueled and inspired by the seen and unseen of our magic, we can unravel the Oasis of Co-Creation. As we engage in ritual magic such as Awakening the Core of Being; Secrets of the Dragons; Igniting Merlin’s Dream and Arthur’s Light, and The Rites of Co-Creation, we can change in ways that we cannot yet imagine and by means we may never fully comprehend. We can become as though electric. Brilliant. We can find our new aliveness. We can sparkle with the Light of God/Goddess/All That Is.

Our Higher Self and Soul and our Co-Creation Team know what these days can hold for us. Welcome to the Merlin-Arthur Legacy rich with legend, myth, and magic. Welcome to more of who we are. Welcome.

Download a printable PDF version of Knights of the Round.

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