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Talisman #22 – The Energy of Co-Creation


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Talisman #22 – The Energy of Co-Creation

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From Jach…

This is the seventh year of this decade. A process completing and a new Foundation of Being forming. Each year has been profound and each year has revealed so much more than any of us expected. More recently, I have been struck by the relationship between subtlety and power. Maybe it began with the Year of Hope (2011), but it wasn’t until the 5th year — the liberating year of a process (2014, Year of Gratitude) — that I more fully realized that, each year, the magic became more subtle, seeming more delicate and precise, and yet at the same time it became immensely more powerful. Lazaris has talked of the uncharted, and we and our magic are thoroughly immersed in the uncharted. I don’t know what this year will hold, but I anticipate that it is going to be a phenomenal year. Beyond memorable.

Lazaris has created the Co-Creation Talisman. I think it is a response to the ever-growing subtly and ever-expanding power of our magic. It feels like a beautiful complement as we continue to open to the uncharted and the unexplored of co-creation. The four symbols with their mixture of straight lines and curves seem to pulse with energy, and in the center, is it a vortex, a cauldron, a portal? Maybe all three?

To me, this Co-Creation Talisman is captivating. I trace the middle round (the mainly green circle) to active this talisman as I would a Crystal Talisman. I easily get lost in the loops of the symbol on the right, and I lift to other dimensions. Somehow the symbol on the left speaks to me of the Worlds of Other, while the one at the bottom inspires hope in me. The symbol at the top with its hieroglyphs is the most intriguing to me. Does it speak of mystery? Maybe of the unfathomable. Then I enter the opening in the center. Where do I go? Don’t know yet. But I have a year to find out.What do you discover as you let this Co-Creation Talisman come alive for you?

Talismans Created by Lazaris: Instructions and Use

These talismans are designed to function as crystals. In addition to the visible symbols, there are numerous symbols (sigils) embedded in the rings of color and in the arbor. Each talisman has the metaphysical properties and the esoteric properties that are found in quartz crystals. Therefore, whether or not you have an affinity for crystal work, talismans can be an active and dynamic part of your magic and its workings. Any of the Lazaris techniques that are called “crystal working” can be done with these talismans.

It is important to remember, however, that the talisman is a surrogate for the power and the magic found in your crystal alliances. These talismans can be used as if they were crystals, but they are not crystals.

Activating a Talisman:
Place the talisman before you. Pause. Focus. Pick a band of color and lightly touch it at the bottom center with the intent of activating the talisman. Then smoothly glide your finger a full rotation either clockwise or counter-clockwise, whichever feels right. Do this three times. Continuing, lightly touch another color band and trace the ring three times in the opposite direction. The talisman is now active.

Deactivating a Talisman:
To clear programs off a talisman so you can reactivate it with new programs, place your finger on the same color band. With clear focus and intent, lightly glide your finger in the opposite direction from the direction you used to activate it.

Please note Lazaris’ comments about replication: You can duplicate these talismans for your personal use only. This talisman image should not be used in any direct or indirect commercial way. It is for personal magic work only.

To use the talisman in ways that are not intended is disrespectful of the magician you are and gives your subconscious mind a clear and negative message about your self-esteem as well as about your self-respect. If you are unsure about duplication of this talisman, out of self-respect and out of respect for Lazaris, please email the office at or call (407-401-8990) to be sure before you begin replicating this magical gift.

DISCLAIMER: This talisman is not a medical device. It is not meant to be a replacement for any medical attention or regimen you are receiving or are considering receiving. This talisman is a work of art. It may or may not serve to enhance your metaphysical work. Concept: Synergy, Inc. and its agents make no claims or warrants for the effectiveness of this work of art called “talisman.”

TALISMAN COPYRIGHT INFORMATION © 1998-2021, NPN Publishing, Inc. and Concept: Synergy, Inc.

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