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The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self — eBook version


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The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self — eBook version

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On the Spiritual Journey Home to God / Goddess / All That Is, there is the sense that we are somehow bigger than we know — that somewhere there is another part of us that is there to guide us, to help us, to love us. The search for the Higher Self is an integral part of the joyous Journey Home: For the Higher Self, in its immense love, power, and vulnerability, is an invaluable friend and guide. In this landmark book of the New Spirituality, Lazaris takes us through steps of preparation, and to the end of the journey, where we touch and begin to know our Higher Self in a series of three meditations that many have called the most beautiful they have ever known.

Meditation: Higher Self Meditations: Opening the Gate, The Doorway Home, Love’s Theme: The Touch

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