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Beyond the Threshold + Editing the Film


Beyond the Threshold + Editing the Film

Product #702


Beyond the Threshold: This recording is recommended by Lazaris for maximizing the download of the Information Light from the Opening of the Sirius Vortex on April 23, 1994. It is a tremendously wonderful experience of moving completely outside all the boundaries we normally experience to see what waits for us there. A remarkable experience that also prepares the brain for greater access to the new program.

Editing the Film: This is a release for restructuring the past by editing out of it negative events that no longer serve any purpose. There are treasures of understanding and transcendence to be taken from the past, but once the knowledge is gained, the event itself — along with the scars it left behind — can be eliminated. A wonderful meditation (which is also fun) of acting as film editor to clip out what you’re done with.

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Meditation: Beyond the Threshold Meditation / Editing the Film Meditation

Keywords: Limitations, Purpose of Life, Ultimate Paradox of Metaphysics, the Past, Sirius Vortex (April 23, 1994)

Price: $19.95

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