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Awakening the Unstoppable Power of Our Magic


Awakening the Unstoppable Power of Our Magic

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The first step to greater dominion – the first step to activating the magic of dominion – begins with awakening the power of our magic. After a brief review of what dominion is, Lazaris explores means to more fully discover and then awaken our magical power. From Conscious Presence to Unconscious Presence, we can gather this power from familiar places (our personal framework of memories, myths, dreams, and visions and from our strengths and talents), and from less familiar places (our majesty and grace and our future and future self). Once power is awakened, with a bit of fashioning, we can touch and tap the “unstoppable” power that is often hidden within. Unstoppable magical power . . . it’s exciting. It can be frightening. Assuaging our fears, Lazaris guides us upon another beautiful meditation and offers a foundation of elegant workable techniques to harness this now-awakened and unstoppable power. The first step toward greater dominion is a profound one.

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