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Awakening the Mysteries: The Secrets of Your Unconscious


Awakening the Mysteries: The Secrets of Your Unconscious

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This powerful discussion can touch each of us differently. For some, we can learn to engage our unconscious mind and receive greater reward in living our magical and metaphysical lives. Others of us can learn to harness the power of our unconscious in new and more powerful ways and our magic grows stronger. There are those of us who will reach beyond engaging and harnessing. We can come to more elegantly access the secrets – access the mysteries – that are lodged deep within the recesses of our unconscious minds. All of us can awaken the mystery and be the recipients of richer success and happiness. During this exploration, Lazaris talks of the Grand Paradox of the Unconscious with its 4 pillars and with its maze of chaos and complexity. He adds dimension to the discussion by outlining specific ways to consciously engage our unconscious and by laying out a step-by-step technique for harnessing its power. This technique includes the Gateways to the Unconscious and Focal Points within the Unconscious. Building upon this foundation, Lazaris suggests several approaches for accessing and awakening the secrets and mysteries. These techniques include working beyond the Focal Points with Orbs of Mystery, the Grand Paradox of the Unconscious, and with Seeding the Unconscious. Meditation included.

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Keywords: Grand Paradox of the Unconscious, Gateways to the Unconscious

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