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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Cosmic Memory : Unlocking Clio’s Gate (video)

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Unlocking Clio’s Gate (video)


Unlocking Clio’s Gate (video)

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Please note: The video of each ritual can take a few hours to download depending on your internet speed.

From: The Beauty of Bali: Lost in the Allure of Remembering Your Ancestry

In this beauty-filled ritual, we cross a land filled with blooming flowers. As we journey, carefree, across this delightful land, we come upon a stand of stones, and here, we reflect on our creativity in our lives. Passing through the standing stones, we find ourselves first in a field of daffodils and then a cabin. We know once we enter the cabin, we will never be the same. There is a hush as we enter and are greeted by one who knows us well: Mnemosyne, the mother of the muse, the mother of creativity and inspiration, the Goddess of Memory. She gives us a key, and we experience Clio, the muse of history, who chronicles all of our stories — our Great Work, our Love, our Beauty, our Tradition, where we have been and where we are going. As we show Clio the key Mnemosyne has given us, Clio opens her book and we fall into Cosmic Memory, and here, beautiful magic transpires. Lazaris has said that beauty was created for the sole purpose of enhancing our human existence. This is reflected so deeply in this magnificent ritual, filled with sublime beauty that is beyond words.

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Meditation: Unlocking Clio's Gate

Keywords: Bali, beauty, muse, cosmic memory

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