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Shop : Lazaris Series : Special Moments with Lazaris : Encountering and Freeing Yourself from the Dark Wood

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Encountering and Freeing Yourself from the Dark Wood


Encountering and Freeing Yourself from the Dark Wood

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What have you lost of yourself in your Dark Wood? As you can consciously enter it, you can discover gems hidden in the darkness … gems that will help illuminate a new pathway to living an Exceptional Life. ~ Lazaris

The Dark Wood is comprised of remnants of our dark matrix (fear, shame, pain, alienation, sorrow, loss and despair) that still need to be healed. Even as we have healed so much of these, vestiges sprout and root in our unconscious, thus creating a Dark Wood. Each of us has a Dark Wood, but we often deny it or refuse to deal with it. Especially as we become enlightened, we need to be able to enter it consciously and also need to know when we have slipped into it unconsciously — otherwise, it not only creates pain and alienation, it becomes lulling and seductive as parts of us become tempted to give up on our spiritual path. There are gems to be found in the Dark Wood, and when we can gather them, we can consciously exit. On the other side of the Dark Wood: exquisite healing from the Goddess. Meditation included. Note: This special release is included in the full workshop, Being Understanding: Keys to Living the Exceptional Life.

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