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Reduced Sleep + Improved Sleep


Reduced Sleep + Improved Sleep

Product #305


These are liberating recordings for people who sleep longer than they want to and still don’t feel rested. One title improves the quality of sleep, and the other, over time, reduces the amount of sleep you need. The physical and emotional benefits are many, including more energy and more time spent consciously. These work well in conjunction with any other releases that involve night dreams, and in conjunction with the Evening Blendings. Once you’ve listened to them consciously, you can play these as you drift off to sleep.

These titles can be worked with either awake or asleep. If you use these as sleep programs, listen to them at least once while fully awake so that you know what is going into your subconscious mind.

Have a great sleep!

Audio Sample

Meditation: Meditations for Reducing and Improving Sleep

Keywords: Sleep, Rested, Dreams

Price: $29.95

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