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Magic in the Telling: Future and Future Self


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Magic in the Telling: Future and Future Self

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The power of the future: It’s critical to change, it’s critical to healing. ~ Lazaris

Working with the future is vitally important, yet as much as we know this, that work can often seem esoteric. In this beautiful set of one-on-one exchanges with Magic Time participants, Lazaris offers solid ways to not only connect with the Future but to use its immense power. We can be the beneficiaries of those positive and luminous futures that are full of healing and wonderful dreams, and we can let them change us now. An illuminating and enlightening time with Lazaris. Approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Lazaris Describing how Magic Time works

This particular Magic in the Telling focuses upon Hope and Inspiration. Lazaris has often spoken of how Hope is seen as a “last resort, ” yet is an incredibly powerful energy. Even in the darkest of chaos there is hope.

And inspiration … so often people wonder, “I have so much to share with the world. How can I be an inspiration?”

There is a panoply of Magic Times in this offering … you can let this be your Magic Time.

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