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Being Well: The Longevity Matrix (video)


Being Well: The Longevity Matrix (video)

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Being Well: The Longevity Matrix: Longevity, our inner child fantasy, our adolescent not-so-secret wish, and a wistful dream of our adult, can be our reality, and it can be our reality now. Longevity is both a symbol of freedom and of self-determination. It is a symbol of love. It is not just about living long, it is about living well: it is about living a fully dimensional life that is wide and deep, that is vivid with imagination and creativity. Longevity is about embracing the full range of emotion, and about seeking the thrill of living a spirited and soulful life in which wisdom can blossom into untold texture and richness. It means we can stop running from death as we celebrate living and loving life. Lazaris asks the question: How old do you have to be to have longevity? And he answers it: You can have it now.

During the intensive, Transcendent Gifts of the Ancients: Well-Being and Being Well, Lazaris detailed a remarkable Longevity Matrix. We are making the description of that matrix available to everyone. During this discussion, Lazaris outlines all the components of the matrix and reviews the Four Beautiful Truths. No meditation is included; however, this is a powerful discussion that can have profound impact on our ability to receive the transcendent gifts of being well and upon our discovery of our personal path to being well. (Time: 77:45)

Download a one-page PDF of the Longevity Matrix.


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