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The Power and Beauty of Self-Acceptance


The Power and Beauty of Self-Acceptance

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We know that our Higher Self, our Counselors, God / Goddess / All That Is, and Lazaris love us totally and are completely committed to us forever. But very often we are unable to let the love in – and our resistance is in direct proportion to how much we lack self-acceptance. Remorse at our own negative impact – and the self-forgiveness and release that accompany that remorse – should have been a natural part of our development. We should have had a Foundation of Remorse grounded in the truth that we can make mistakes and be forgiven, that we have the substance to build real character. Shame and pre-verbal damage to brain chemistry and mechanics took from us the ability to feel remorse, heal the impact, and go on. This four-phase process, with its immense compassion and powerful tools, gives us back the power of true remorse, releasing us from the martyrhood, defensiveness, and self-pity which rob us of the love we want and the love we feel (30 minutes).

Also recommended: Ending Shame I (Infancy) and Ending Shame III: Those Adolescent Years and Finally Accepting Self: Being Fully Loved

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Keywords: Sorrow, Self-Acceptance, Remorse, Shame, Brain Chemistry; Self-Pity, Martyrhood

Price: $9.95

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