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The Magic of Solitude


The Magic of Solitude

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Solitude is a magical state. Far more than mere silence, it is a state necessary to hear the Voice of the Soul, which speaks slowly and in metaphor. It is a state necessary for the High Magic of Receiving, and from within it come the Beautiful Truths that can transform our lives. Inside its quiet, we do our Shadow Work, and we communicate with the Higher Realms. Lazaris’ four-part process starts with an entrance/exit ritual with The Elements, and continues with an exploration to find and heal the chakra that provides the most resistance to solitude. Then the space is created for real solitude, and the magic of insight, healing, and communion begins. (30 minutes)Also suggested: The Crisis Tape (Meditation) and Opening the Magic Door

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Keywords: The Elements, Soul, Solitude, Shadow Work, Chakras

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