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Healing the Adolescent Within


Healing the Adolescent Within

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Requisite: Healing the Child Within

Once we have healed the Child, we are ready to heal the Adolescent — which can seem a daunting task. They are more intricate, more rigid, in many ways more afraid. For adolescence is a time in life of unparalleled intensity — and of the devastating Wounding of the Soul. Lazaris has designed a four-week process (take longer if you like) that begins with a Safe Place that you create for your adolescent, filled with the things that make them feel secure. Then you and your Adolescent and your Higher Self look at the place to gain clues as to what safety really means to your Adolescent … this time leaving behind a Healing Box. As the process continues over the next several weeks, the healing continues as well, and in the end your Adolescent enters Lazaris’ ball of light to be healed by your Higher Self and Lazaris. A gentle, tremendously beautiful process. (30 minutes) Lazaris also recommends: Ending Shame III: Those Adolescent Years

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