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Embracing, Inhaling Power


Embracing, Inhaling Power

Product #7020


In this recording, Lazaris creates a four-fold process you do with music to explore the Positions of Power: flexibility and forgiveness, the true detachment of feeling emotions and processing them, vitality, humility and respect, honesty and value, self-esteem, self-actualization and self-knowing, and love, intimacy and caring. Power is always consciously developed, and using a music technique Lazaris brings to consciousness the elements of true power, including the value of self which is a divine gift from the Goddess. We inhale our power, claim our inheritance, and begin to function from a platform of power that allows us to live a life filled with fun and the sparkle of true happiness. (30 minutes)

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Keywords: Forgiveness, Detachment, Vitality, Humility, Honesty, Love, Intimacy, Caring, Self-Esteem, Music Technique, Value, Writing Technique, Positions of Power, Power

Price: $9.95

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