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Choosing Your Own Lessons


Choosing Your Own Lessons

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We make a lot of assumptions about the lessons we learn. We assume that they are meted out by God / Goddess / All That Is or some karma — rather than that they’re chosen. We assume they mean we’ve done something wrong, and that being a better person requires more struggling and suffering. We certainly don’t think we have the right to choose the lessons we learn. Lazaris begins by exploring all the misconceptions, helping us discover how some of our foibles — and some of the lessons we have to learn — may look like our negativity when they’re really distorted versions of our inventiveness, creativity, self-reliance, passions, courage, commitment, and compassion. A four-phase journey helps us dispel our taboos against learning the positive, beautiful lessons and starts us on an exploration not of what’s wrong with us, but of what’s right with us. That, in turn, leads us to the realization that sometimes lessons repeat themselves not because we didn’t reveal the bad stuff, but because we never unveiled the beauty within them. (30 minutes)

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Keywords: Karma, Truth, Assumptions, Beautiful Lessons, Raw Materials, Generating Energies, Tools, Sustaining Energies

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