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Building Your Personal Dream, II


Building Your Personal Dream, II

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Requisite: Building Your Personal Dream, I

In Part I, the foundation of the dream is subconsciously established. Now the task is to clarify the dream, planting it in the Unconscious Mind. You enter the Underworld — that sliver of consciousness between the Subconscious and Unconscious Minds — and there find a doorway to your Dream. There you live your dream in the Unconscious Mind in an episodic way, piece by piece. Included are writing, music, and sleep techniques to help bring the dream into the current reality. Though Lazaris will not write back, you are invited to write your dream to Lazaris so he can participate with you in creating and manifesting it. A four-phase process that includes Lazaris’ descriptions of a number of meditations to do, and instructions for entering the Underworld. (30 minutes)

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Keywords: Subconscious, Unconscious, Human Dignity, Underworld, Dream, Writing Techniques, Music Techniques, Sleep Techniques

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