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Initiations of Magic


Initiations of Magic

Product #6023


It is a small, quiet, gentle step from knowing metaphysics to truly being a Magician. It begins with a seven-day process in which each day you accept and then receive one of the responsibilities of being a Magician — the acceptance of the ability to live without the Dark Shield, the passion and compassion to have empathy without pity, the flexibility to transform any reality, the capacity to seek freedom and self-determination, the ability to create light and hope and vision, the understanding that spirituality is the highest priority of life. Then, on the seventh day, Lazaris guides you on a meditation in which your Unseen Friends create an Initiation of Magic for you. (1 hour)

Audio Sample

Meditation: Initiation of Magic Meditation

Keywords: Magic, Resonance, High Magic, Passion, Power, Character, Vision, Humility, Higher Self, Soul, God/Goddess/All That Is, Priorities

Price: $14.95

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