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Freedom from the Past


Freedom from the Past

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Mystics tell us to “die” to the past. Therapists insist we must let go of the past. But we hang on — for reasons good and bad. We know we hold onto the past to hold onto some payoffs, but what is not always so clear is that we may be stuck in the past because there are treasures, talents, gifts, and powers waiting to be claimed — there is self-acceptance and self-forgiveness yet to be done. Once the treasures of the past are retrieved, the release of the past can be accomplished with The Power of Sympathetic Magic, the Power of Positive Projection, The Power of Resonance, and the Power of High Magic. With a powerful meditation to release the past. (1 hour)

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Meditation: Freedom from the Past Meditation

Keywords: Past, Payoffs, Resonance, High Magic, Sympathetic Magic, The Future, Projection, Child, Adolescent, Control

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