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Shop : Lazaris Series : Accelerated Journey : Breaking & Replacing Our Dark Shield of Negativity

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Breaking & Replacing Our Dark Shield of Negativity


Breaking & Replacing Our Dark Shield of Negativity

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The Dark Shield: We began constructing it before we could even talk. We built it of shame, undeservability, guilt, addiction, a sabotaging of power, and a denial of love. We built it to protect us from pain, and it did what it was supposed to do. But it did something else: It solidified into a prison which locked out love and now it locks us out of the happiness and success we currently seek. The Dark Shield once protected us; now it blinds us. Success starts with dissolving the shield but it also leaves us unprotected. If we replace the Dark Shield with a Shield of Light, we can allow the negative aspects of ourselves to be healed while maintaining the protection we need. The meditation takes us on a journey to break the Dark Shield — and to immediately replace it with a Shield of Light composed of a capacity for honest remorse that allows for forgiveness and growth, a willingness that invalidates undeservability, strengths which negate addictions, and a love to heal the denial. A magnificent experience of healing and a whole new level of personal freedom. (1 hour)

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Keywords: Breaking the Dark Shield, Constructing the Shield of Light

Price: $14.95

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