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Healing & Releasing Hurt + The Keys of Happiness


Healing & Releasing Hurt + The Keys of Happiness

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Healing & Releasing Hurt: Hurt is the only emotion that takes time to heal, and it is also unique to the human level. On this tape Lazaris looks at the denial of hurt that is demanded by chauvinism, the society, and sometimes, even metaphysics — and the payoffs we may have for holding onto it. He gives a seven-step process for working with it and culminates with a beautiful River Meditation for Healing Hurt. The

Keys of Happiness: Happiness is not so much a feeling as it is a state of mind, an attitude, and a chosen view of the world. It has seven beautiful components — responsibility, honesty, trust, intimacy, choice, forgiveness and self-love, and an ability to change and function with a new image (10 minutes at a time). The Meadow Meditation for the Keys of Happiness brings us its components and powers and gives us an experience of happiness we truly may never have had before.

Audio Sample

Meditation: River Meditation for Healing Hurt / Meadow Meditation for the Keys of Happiness

Keywords: Hurt, Happiness, Honesty, Responsibility, Intimacy, Growth Choices, Fear Choices, Forgiveness, Self-Love, Image

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