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Forgiveness: The Miracle of Magic (Excerpts)


Forgiveness: The Miracle of Magic (Excerpts)

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Amid all the mysteries, it is forgiveness that is the miracle of magic – is the miracle of your magic. ~ Lazaris

We are fortunate to know so much about forgiveness. We have transformed our lives, transcended our pasts, and have created our personal realities now rich with dignity, character, vitality, and vision.

Somewhere in the mystery between forgiving ourselves and forgiving others, there is an incredible force that produces change … change that can be astounding. Somewhere between, in that mystery there is an incredible light that can generate miracles. Our magic can come alive with that light. Our magic can change. Its texture and its nature can be miraculous.

During these excerpts, Lazaris briefly explores our resistance to the force of forgiveness, and then elegantly moves to the examination of the process of forgiveness. Lazaris then guides us upon a most amazing ritual/meditation called the Valley of Forgiveness for forgiving ourselves. Another magical ritual and meditation follows, the Circle of Forgiveness, most effective for forgiving others. He concluded this weekend exploration with the technique: Waiting Upon the Light of Forgiveness.

For those of us there, it was a magical and miraculous weekend. With these excerpts you can share a bit of what so many of us lived. These excerpts include a recording of the two Rituals of Forgiveness: The Circle of Forgiveness and The Valley of Forgiveness. The latter meditation was especially recorded by Lazaris for these excerpts. Two meditations included. 5 hours, 30 minutes

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Meditation: Valley of Forgiveness

Keywords: Valley of Forgiveness, Circle of Forgiveness, Change, Miracles, Light of Forgiveness

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