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Standing on the Verge: Elegant Visions Creating Magical Successes


Standing on the Verge: Elegant Visions Creating Magical Successes

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Visions: They are dreams illuminated by the passion of the Soul and liberated by the compassion of the Spirit. They are Optimal Futures crucial to creating the Virgin Future of the World. Existing outside of space and time, they have their own nonlinear language that may include brightness and darkness and the way things are shaped. Lazaris explores this magnificent world, its relationship to the Imaginal Realm, its components of genius, self-worth, and the Soul. Slipping past the objector / protector, we engage an Ally and enter the Place of Vision. Lazaris uses a powerful meditation to show us how to create linked visions and interlocking visions — eventually to create Interlocking Visioning with others and Unseen Friends. What is born is a capacity for magical success — and for engaging the electromagnetic energy of visions for the metamorphosis of our species. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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Meditation: Meditation for Linking and Interlocking Visions

Keywords: Vision, Luminous Dreams, Optimal Futures, Imaginal Realm, Soul, Genius, Objector / Protector, Ally, Linking Visions, Interlocking Visions, Interlocking Visioning

Price: $24.95

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