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Inner Peace


Inner Peace

Product #448


This title is a thorough exploration of the Blockbuster Emotions — hurt, anger, self-pity, and fear — and of the less obvious Bugaboo Emotions that don’t get much attention, but are actually the ones that erode our inner peace: worry, anxiety, doubt, and confusion. One of the wonderful things about this release is that it clarifies so much about the amorphous nature of the Bugaboo Emotions. Lazaris delineates the factors of anxiety, of which there are many, and explains what worry is really made of. He also gives “tonics” for every one of them, and designs “antidotes” we can use the minute we start having trouble with them. He culminates with an etherically beautiful meditation for regaining our sense of Inner Peace. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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Meditation: Inner Peace Meditation

Keywords: Inner Peace, Guilt, Worry, Anxiety, Doubt, Confusion, Anger, Hurt, Self-Pity, Fear, Blockbuster Emotions, Bugaboo Emotions

Price: $24.95

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