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Secrets of Success in the Remaining Years of the Millennium


Secrets of Success in the Remaining Years of the Millennium

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Since the opening of the Sirius Vortex in 1994, everything is different — including the nature and means of success in what remains of this millennium. The chauvinistic worldview of bankability as meaning profitability is rapidly giving way to a reality in which information is the driving force of success and perception is more bankable than oil. The secrets: Future and Resonance Causation, the capacity to open to the Possible, Vision and Luminous Intent, and the knowledge to seed the future with magic. Lazaris solidly grounds us in the information necessary to understand the new success — with its abundance and prosperity — and uses Dialoguing with Success and a ritual to connect with the Truer Self as tools to create a powerful resonance. With an extraordinary Success Cube meditation that also includes a ritual of love and resonance. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours. Also recommended: Standing on the Verge: ElegantVisions Creating Magical Successes

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Meditation: Love

Keywords: Success Cube, Abundance, Luminous Intent, Resonant Causation, Future Causation, Manifestation, Love, Dialoguing with Success, Connecting with the Truer Self Ritual, Chauvinism

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