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New Horizons of Potential and Opportunity


New Horizons of Potential and Opportunity

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With a new window of potential, with a new door of opportunity, we can make more potent decisions and find the means to implement and accomplish them.We can discover more fruitful directions to achieve the caring, loving, and living we seek. As well, we can unravel old patterns and dismantle current patterns that block or obscure our success. We can embrace our Radiance of Resonance, abundance, momentum, and balance. Lazaris shows us where to look for the new window and the new door of potential and opportunity. With specific technique, we can open that new window to retrieve relinquished and lost power; restore our lost or abandoned Self; utilize the Capacitance of Resonance; and work with the concept of Resolving v. Solving. During the discussion, Lazaris teaches us how to use amulets and talismans of our resonance and our momentum along with amulets or talismans for abundance and balance to generate a gateway to the mysterious and mystical where we can find our potential and opportunity. While there, we can also unfold and discover new, never-before-known potential and opportunity as well.

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Keywords: Opening the New Window (of Potential

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