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Shop : By Year : 2012 Year of Enchantment : The Triumph of Enchantment in a World Becoming New (Evening Only)

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The Triumph of Enchantment in a World Becoming New (Evening Only)


The Triumph of Enchantment in a World Becoming New (Evening Only)

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“In the triumph of enchantment, your world becomes new.” ~ Lazaris

During 2012, The Year of Enchantment, Lazaris offered a”backbone” of workshops to enhance our rapport and to mature our relationship with enchantment: The Alchemy of Enchantment; Reclaiming the Lost Treasures of Enchantment; and Living the Enchanted Life. With a quick review of the three evening workshops of the year, the Culminating Weekend was underway. The evening’s discussion began with two questions: What is Triumph? and What is Enchantment? Lazaris responded and then wove both concepts together to explore what emerges when enchantment is triumphant.

For example, when we live the belief and make free choices enchantment triumphs. If we spontaneously seek the magic of charms, and find those charms in our daily lives, enchantment is triumphant. Further, when we are enchanted with ourselves and besotted by the enchantment of others, and when we inspire enchantment in others, surely enchantment is triumphant. Such Enchanted Moments begin as a state of mind and become a state of being. When we can awaken enchantment, rekindle belonging, and embrace forgiveness, we can enter that state of mind and state of being. We and our world can become new. This beautiful evening concludes with a magical ritual: Awakening the Gracious Heart of Enchantment.

Music credits:
Peace Be With You, by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music For Lazaris 6
Sacred Silence, and Community, by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 8

Audio Sample

Meditation: Awakening the Gracious Heart of Enchantment.

Keywords: Alchemy, Culminating, Enchantment; Triumph

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