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Shop : By Year : 2012 Year of Enchantment : A Collection of Blendings from 2012 Rhythms and Patterns: The Year of Enchantment

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A Collection of Blendings from 2012 Rhythms and Patterns: The Year of Enchantment


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A Collection of Blendings from 2012 Rhythms and Patterns: The Year of Enchantment

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It begins with setting things, new things, in motion. Ours is to infuse that motion with the beauty and the magic of hope. Then we add a bit of ourselves, a bit of our love, a bit of our soul, with the mystery and the majesty of enchantment. Creation and innovation follow and become the fulcrum in the process of our continual growing and changing. The first four years of this decade have set the stage — our stage to lift our growing and changes to new, innovative levels and our stage for evolving human consciousness and evolving a new world.

Initiation, Hope, Enchantment, Innovation . . . with gratitude, we welcome the bounty of our magic and of our love. Here is a collection of Lazaris Blendings for the first four years of this “most exciting decade in the history of humankind on Earth.”  Enjoy.

Rhythms and Patterns Blendings, 2012: The Year of Enchantment

Phase 1. Seeking Hope and Inspiration
Building Belonging

Lying on a night beach by the sea of possibilities, the Goddess calls to you. The gentle waters wash over you and cleanse you. Carried by the rhythms of the sea, you are filled with enchantment. You know you belong and you are loved. Powerful. Renewing.

Phase 2. Strengthening Resources and Resolve
Balancing Understanding

Washed ashore on the night beach, you walk toward a brightly burning bonfire. Lazaris works magic and all that is the old is consumed and transformed by the flames. A new you is forged with creativity, passion, justice and mattering. A future rich with enchanted hopes and dreams unfolds.

Phase 3. Stretching Potentials, Possibilities, and Power
Brightening Compassion, Creativity and Beauty

The sense of wonder and hope deepen in the swirling magic of mystery and in the beauty of imagination. Your compassion lifts, forgiveness flows, and encumbrances and limitations drift away. Your spirit brightens as your understanding becomes luminous, and you become the Light.

Phase 4. Seizing Hope and Opportunity
Blending Mystery and Magic

Down by the sea, give voice to your desires, wishes, and to your dreams and visions. New hopes and new directions are stirred within you. Anchored, and centered you are patient in the living of life and the working of your magic. In two 33-second techniques you hold an image of what you desire, feeling whole and complete. Lazaris plants seeds of enchantment within you in a moment that can last forever.

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Keywords: blending, enchantment, hope, opportunity, inspiration, possibility

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