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Shop : By Year : 2005 Year of Illumination : Magician’s Homecoming (video)

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Magician’s Homecoming (video)


Magician’s Homecoming (video)

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Lazaris conducted the third cyberspace workshop of 2005. This time it is called a Magician’s Homecoming, and it was a beautiful and magical follow-up to the amazing Culminating Weekends of 2005, the Year of Illumination. During the span of two hours and across the span of cyberspace, Lazaris created a space, a sacred space, for magicians – for us – to gather. It was a space, as Lazaris said, made sacred by our presence. This OnLine Workshop provided a time for magicians from all parts of the world to come together — to “come home” to ourselves and to each other. Lazaris touched each of us during these two hours as he reviewed some of the highlights from the two Culminating Weekends — the ones completed in Los Angeles and in Orlando. He drew upon the energies from the weekends on each coast. It was a time of confluence … a confluence of energy, a confluence of resonance, and a confluence of sacred moments. We gathered for a homecoming. The power and the magic was miraculous; it was truly beyond our expectations and our imaginations. This recorded workshop closes with “a burst of love and a bit of magic” for each of us to carry into our world and into the world around us. Within the embrace of these two hours each of us can draw upon the love, light, and magic of Coming Home. Welcome to the Magician’s Homecoming . . . welcome to the full recording of this live event from Wednesday, November 30, 2005. This title features selected video clips of discussions from the Culminating Weekends of 2005. Meditation from the online event is included.

Approximately 2 hours

On the video stream, some of the images appear wider than normal. The color and sound quality is fine, but the aspect ratio for the streaming only is slightly distorted. This is not an issue for the download version.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Magician's Homecoming

Keywords: Coming Home, Year of Illumination, Culminating, Confluence

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