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Coming Home


Coming Home

Product #558


The Luminous — that which radiates light and love. The Numinous — the ineffable beauty and wonder of the divine. The Liminal — the threshold between time, between space. The Grand Attractor — God / Goddess / All That Is calling us to Come Home. And with this term Coming Home Lazaris creates a tape that is like a magical hieroglyph that generates a tangible experience of renewed and transformed spirituality. We have grown for years, and we have turned the corner. We’re not “going” Home anymore: We’re Coming Home. And with it there is a re-emergence of our Spiritual Heritage, our traditions, our stellar origins. Our lost aspects of Self and Spirit are regained. A discussion and meditation that is really a Blending. A favorite tape of most who know Lazaris.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Coming Home: Tonal Creation

Keywords: Coming Home, God/Goddess/All That Is, Tonal Creation, Numinous, Luminous

Price: $24.95

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