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Shop : By Year : 2004 Year of Union : Living the Truer Life: New Maps to Happiness

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Living the Truer Life: New Maps to Happiness


Living the Truer Life: New Maps to Happiness

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Yes, you do know happiness. You just are not feeling it often enough. You are not feeling it deeply enough. And there is so much more happiness to be had: Happiness you have lost, happiness you have abandoned, happiness you want, but have not acquired, and happiness you never thought you could have. ~ Lazaris

During this astounding evening, Lazaris pointed out that as we approach and unfold this Year of Union and as we work with the remaining years of this decade and beyond, we will need to deal with – we will need to confront or encounter – our issues with happiness. When we do work with our issues around happiness, we can begin to feel the happiness we know and we can begin to create new maps – new ways – to create more happiness (increasing the quantity) and greater happiness (expanding the quality). So Lazaris explores and works with our Traditional Resistance; Current Resistance; and Genuine Ongoing Fears of Happiness.Then the discussion becomes more mystical as Lazaris lays out the Components of Right Living in a triad of being, becoming, and wholeness. After a beautiful and powerful meditation, Lazaris designs seven new maps . . . new maps to more and to greater happiness. These maps include Fetish of Happiness, Sphere of Paradox, Fire of Frustration, Celebration of Right Living, Mound of the Magician, Reflecting Pool of the Truer Self, and the Torus of Happiness. It is an amazing recording.

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Meditation: The Gifts of Happiness

Keywords: truer self, happiness, fears of happiness, torus

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