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The Lazaris Material Website
Support & FAQ

I’m not able to sign up for streaming

You need to sign in/log in first – create an account for yourself

How do I make the print/font size larger?

Hit the Command + keys on your keyboard

How do I find a specific title or information about a specific topic

There are several different search engines to help you find either a specific title or all of the information pertaining to a subject that you put in (i.e. “Abundance” or “Success” or “Manifesting” or “Relationships”)

1. On the home or front page at the top right side is the “site search” and this will let you know all of the different areas on the entire website that speaks to the subject that you put in; the titles in the Shopping Cart, articles in the Blog 
2. On the Shop page there’s the Product search ( top right) and that is the search engine specifically for the titles in the Shopping cart 
3. On the Shop page there is also the Advanced Search function that can be utilized to narrow your search utilizing even more specific criteria 
4. On the Blog page there’s a search engine Blog search (top right) that can be used to search for topics covered in the Blog posts. 


How can I tell which titles I can stream with my subscription?

Diamonds, My Account, click on your subscription – the color of the diamond corresponds with the streaming level you have (Citrine (yellow diamond), Rose (pink diamond) or Amethyst (purple diamond)


Will the new PPVs be aired on Vimeo? If it’s not Vimeo, how do I get the image from my computer onto my Apple TV screen?

You can hook your computer with an HDMI cable to your TV. There are also some screensharing apps available to research and try, AirPlay is one to we’ve heard about but haven’t tried:

Can I use Explorer to stream on the website?

We recommend using other browsers.  Explorer doesn’t work well with our streaming unless you have the latest, which is called Edge 13 or 14 (Windows 10 comes with this). Not everyone will have upgraded to this because there are certain things you can’t do in the newer versions and still need 11, and 11 doesn’t work well with our streaming.

How to Purchase a ticket and register for a PPV 

1. If you have not done so already please go to, click Sign In on the upper right corner of the page, then click Register. Enter your email address which will be your username, set your password, and name to get started. If you have already registered on the website skip this step and instead just Sign In.

2. Go to Shop (along the top bar right) which brings you to the front page of the Shopping Cart. On the left side of the screen in the Categories column you will see the category for Workshops and click the arrow to access the drop down menu and select “Current PPV.”

3. On the page that comes up click the words “Buy Access Now” in the box with the title of the PPV.

4. Click the Check Out button and continue following the prompts until you complete your purchase.

5. A page comes up that is your Receipt and there is a “View Now” button that you click on to view the PPV.

The page comes up with the player with the different sessions listed just under the main screen. *PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AUDIO ONLY LINK IS RIGHT THERE AS #7 OF THE SESSIONS LIST.

Once you’ve purchased a PPV you have 45 days to access from the date you purchase it. To access simply return to the shopping cart, click on “Current PPV” in the categories, and a “View Now” box will come up. Click View Now.

Another way to access it is to go to your Account (very top of the page); you will see this PPV under “My Subscriptions.” Click on the title and the page with the player will come up. 

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