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Shop : Overcoming Obstacles : Handling Constricting Emotions : Unlocking the Power of Changing Your Life (audio)
  • Unlocking the Power of Changing Your Life (audio)

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    Sometimes the most wonderful form of manifestation is changing something that is already there. But sometimes the Enemies of Choice -- the inertia, projection, identification -- the boredom, depression, jealousy, revenge, and self-pity -- rob us of our ability to alter a reality. Central to it all is the power of an old image to keep us where we are, and the power of a new image to free us. With writing exercises and a powerful meditation to change the present and to re-write the future, we can unlock the power of changing the life we have. The Antidotes for dealing with the Enemies of Choice -- from the laughter and joy that heal depression to the generosity of love that lifts boredom -- are tools to use for life. 2 hours.

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Room of Change Meditation

    Keywords: Enemies of Choice, Image, Choices, Inertia, Projection, Identification, Boredom, Jealousy, Guilt, Worry, Depression, Laughter, Joy, Room of Readiness, Book of the Future, Room of Change, Revenge

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