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  • Personal Excellence (audio)

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    There is a wonderful joy in real personal excellence. And far from being an egotistical "better than" position, excellence is really doing better than before (rather than being "better than" someone else). It is functioning with value and positive impact -- and with intimacy and an elegance of wisdom and understanding. Lazaris looks at our erroneous definitions of excellence and at our fears of success and of receiving love -- and our emotional "fear of heights." Then he teaches us the alchemy of creating excellence -- beginning with indulging ourselves in massive amounts of desire, raising our expectations and imagination, functioning with greater clarity and with the courage to discern. With techniques and a magical meditation, we arrive at the joy of growing, at a wisdom beyond time and space -- and at a whole new level of Personal Excellence. 2 hours.

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    Meditation: Personal Excellence Meditation

    Keywords: Wisdom, Value, Intimacy, Doing Better Than v. Being Better Than, Excellence, Desire, Impeccability, Vision, Clarity, Elegance, Discernment, Tree of Excellence

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