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  • I Deserve!

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    Deservability is a "tough nut to crack" for a number of reasons: We've been taught not to feel it, we have symbiotic and religious guilt, we are haunted by secrets or shame, and we are faced with a "Catch-22" around deservability that says that if we really deserved, it would already have happened. Lazaris explores the guilt, resentment, self-punishment, addiction, alienation, self-pity, and illness which are a result of undeservability and gives us seven techniques to help resolve it. These include a meditation in which an Unseen Friend takes the problem. A secret: Undeservability cannot be fully released without help, and this meditation is there to provide that final necessity after we've cleared out the rest. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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    Meditation: Deservability Meditation

    Keywords: Religious Guilt, Deservability, The Catch-22 of Deservability, Pain, Illness, Depression, Shame, Willingness, Symbiotic Guilt, Secrets

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