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Shop : Overcoming Obstacles : Handling Constricting Emotions : Harnessing Chaos, Putting It to Work for You (A Meditation) (audio)
  • Harnessing Chaos, Putting It to Work for You (A Meditation) (audio)

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    Chaos is a state of mind or a state of being that lacks order or predictability. It appears as random behavior or random action because chaos responds to small and subtle changes, and, as such, chaos generates confusion by its nature. It also generates uncertainty, self-doubt, worry, frustration, and anxiety — and it can even generate dread. Chaos precedes change, and it follows it. It is the stuff from which change emerges, and it is the precipitation of change. The One-Day workshop, Harnessing Chaos and Crisis: Creating Beauty and Elegance, concluded with this powerful and touching meditation. (Total Time: 45:53)

    Music used in this release:

    Divine Presence from Music for Lazaris 3 by Dietrich von Oppeln.
    Wide Plane
    and Comfort from Music for Lazaris 4 by Dietrich von Oppeln.

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Harnessing Chaos

    Keywords: Chaos, Crisis

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