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  • Finding Your Bottom Line

    Product #6006


    There are four areas that stop success -- beliefs and image, blockages, contracts and scripts, and chemistry and mechanics. What weaves these four into an inescapable web is our bottom line. It will be one of seven qualities: need to control, fear of loneliness, fear of intimacy, shame, martyrhood, narcissism, or pride. The first step is to find out which one is ours personally and the second step is to release it. Lazaris helps us slip around our negative ego to discover the truth -- and then immediately gives us a meditation to encounter our bottom line honestly and fearlessly, and to let it go. The result is that it can mean that we can have those mega-successes we've believed were completely out of reach. (1 hour)

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    Meditation: Finding and Releasing Your Bottom Line

    Keywords: Dark Matrix, Bottom Line, Success, Control, Intimacy, Loneliness, Shame, Narcissism, Martyr, Pride, Image, Beliefs, Brain Chemistry and Mechanics

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