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  • Ending Loneliness

    Product #425


    Loneliness is a mysterious emotion -- and a very "metaphysical" one. The original and ultimate fear is that having separated from God/Goddess/All That Is we will not be able to return home. From this fear flows every other destructive emotion: doubts, guilts, depression, hurt, manipulation and negative ego. Lazaris defines seven types of loneliness -- from mourning and nostalgia to the Beautiful Sadness that precedes and follows spiritual breakthrough. He explores what the Tyranny of Loneliness means and how to transcend it, and includes a meditation to understand the components and function of loneliness -- and to put ourselves in control of it for the first time. 2 1/2 to 3 hours…

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    Meditation: Ending Loneliness Meditation

    Keywords: Loneliness, Beautiful Sadness, Tyranny of Loneliness, mourning

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