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Shop : Overcoming Obstacles : Handling Constricting Emotions : Being a Champion (Meditation from Conjuring the Incredible Forces of Alchemy) (audio)
  • Being a Champion (Meditation from Conjuring the Incredible Forces of Alchemy) (audio)

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    You are ready to reach beyond your current work of this lifetime to more fully and more dynamically participate in something more -- something more than you can yet imagine and something more than you can yet dream. -- Lazaris

    It was a life-changing Congress of Magicians, and three powerful meditations brimming with compassion, love, and magic emerged. All three are now available to download. From among them, many of you have asked for an individual download recording of Being a Champion: We can heal our pain and suffering and initiate healing pain and suffering in the world. This meditation touches your heart and stirs your soul. Now available as a single download.  (Total Time: 41:44)

    Please note: Although "Being a Champion" meditation can be bought separately, it is also included as one of the meditations in "Conjuring the Incredible Forces of Alchemy (Meditations to Bring Dreams into Manifestation)" package of three.

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    Keywords: Alchemy, Champion. Pain, Suffering, Healing

    Price: $14.95

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