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  • Ending Your Addiction to the Past

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    The Vortex of the Goddess brought many magical gifts. One of them: the end of the controlling grip of the past. But many of us are still trapped by the patterns, beliefs, and messages of the past, and we will throw into the future that to which we are addicted. Lazaris helps us understand the reasons -- positive and negative -- why we are addicted. Then he takes us to an inner space of solitude in the Unconscious Mind to plant seedlings of gifts and powers, giving the old dreams to the Dream Stealers and the power of success to the Dream Weavers, who will know what to do. Using daydreams, meditations and psychic flashes, we can craft a new life free of the addiction to the past. Techniques include: Eating the Past and Intercepting the Future. The meditation breaks the addiction. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours...

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    Meditation: Meditation for Ending Your Addiction to the Past

    Keywords: The Past, Net of Security, Flexing the Spiritual Muscle, Flexing the Muscle of the Future

    Price: $24.95

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